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Refugee aid association sounds alarm over plight of children in Calais

The Refugee Youth Service, an association helping migrants in the Channel port, has published a report detailing worsening situation for lone youngsters.

French court rejects bid to demolish shops at Jungle refugee camp

Judge has ruled there is no legal basis for expelling 72 people running makeshift stores and cafés at the camp in Calais.

France says Calais border will remain closed to migrants

President Hollande said it made 'no sense' to change 2003 Le Touquet deal which effectively moved Britain's border to northern coast of France.

France-UK border deal won't be affected by Brexit, says Paris

Despite calls in Calais for UK to 'take back its border', French ministers say bilateral deal that keeps migrants on French soil will not be affected.

France's first Shakespearean-style theatre vandalised

Critics of the 6-million-euro wooden-exterior theatre near Calais have argued that the structure is a waste of public money.

Les autorités françaises bloquent un convoi d'aide anglais destiné à la «jungle» de Calais

Les autorités françaises bloquent un convoi d'aide anglais destiné à la «jungle» de Calais. 

France bars aid convoy trying to reach desperate Calais refugees

Local police chief said local authorities had 'serious reason' to believe arrival of convoy would lead to 'severe disruptions' to public order.

Swathe of Calais migrant 'Jungle' dismantled

Workers with bulldozers and chain saws have finished the razing of the southern half of the notorious makeshift migrant camp in France's Channel port.

Calais and Grande-Synthe, a tale of two radically different migrant camps

Iraqi Kurds arriving at the Grande-Synthe camp. © Reuters Iraqi Kurds arriving at the Grande-Synthe camp. © Reuters

In its latest attempt to reduce the enduring migrant crisis in the Channel port of Calais, where thousands of people live in insalubrious conditions while hoping to find a passage to Britain, the authrities have built an austere residential camp made out of converted shipping containers. Just several kilometres along the coast, near Dunkirk, where a similar crisis is developing, the Doctors Without Borders NGO has built, in cooperation with the local mayor, an unofficial camp of wooden huts that could not be more different, where it says the aim was to make migrants “feel at home”. But the concept is clearly not shared by the government. Carine Fouteau reports.

Far-right activists arrested in Calais after anti-migrant actions

Police arrested 14 people after they torched tyres and blocked bridges in the Channel port in protests against thousands of migrants gathered there.

France will not open borders if UK leaves EU says interior minister

Bernard Cazeneuve contradicted claims about impact of Brexit saying: 'We don't need statements that create buzz we need long-term action.'

France's Hollande warns of Brexit 'consequences'

Asked about impact of EU exit by UK on border controls in Calais, president said: 'I don't want to scare you .. but there will be consequences.'

France and Britain unveil drone plans ahead of 'terror' summit

Paris and London to spend £1.5bn developing next generation of drones, as summit in France discusses security and Calais migrant crisis.

Calais camp refugees burn shelters as demolitions resume

One refugee group says six shelters were on fire and claims watching police prevented attempts to douse flames.

Clashes as French authorities pull down homes in Calais 'Jungle' camp

Police fire teargas at migrants who threw stones while three shelters set on fire after authorities dismantle makeshift shacks in refugee camp.