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Pilot whales found washed up on beach in northern France

Only four of ten pilot whales discovered stranded for unknown reasons on sands near Calais survived operations to return them to the sea.

What Calais residents really think about the migrant crisis

By Haydée Sabéran
Une boutique dans la « New Jungle », le 16 octobre 2015 © Philippe Wojazer / Reuters Une boutique dans la « New Jungle », le 16 octobre 2015 © Philippe Wojazer / Reuters

In just a year the number of migrants living in the so-called 'New Jungle' camp at Calais in north-east France waiting to get to the UK has doubled to around 6,000. The migrant question has now become a key issue in December's regional elections, with the head of the far-right Front National, Marine Le Pen, standing for the region that includes Calais. But what do the town's residents think about the migrants and their plight? As Haydée Sabéran found out, it is a complex picture.

Two migrants die in separate Calais accidents

After a man believed Syrian was hit by a car on a local motorway Thursday, another person died after being hit be a Channel Tunnel freight train.

Calais migrant camp numbers double in recent weeks to reach 6,000

Migrants fleeing war and poverty in Africa and Middle East live in a so-called 'jungle' of makeshift camps in Channel port Calais, hoping to reach UK.

Migrants disrupt trains as they try to enter Channel Tunnel

About 200 migrants clashed with staff and police as they tried to get into the tunnel on the French side, forcing suspension of rail services.

Southern England patients 'to be operated in France'

Patients in county Kent are to be offered fast-track surgery in Calais under a scheme officials said was prompted by EU competition rules.

Eurostar passengers stranded in dark after 'intruders' enter train tracks

Food and water were distributed to passengers on the Paris to London stranded at the Calais-Frethun station in northern France.

France to build 'humanitarian' camp for Calais asylum seekers

EU will provide €5m aid to help France build tented encampment for 1,500 people to replace existing 'jungle' of makeshift shelters.

Ferry services resume between France and England after Calais blockade lifted

Passengers at Dover and Calais were left stranded for hours after protest on eve of visit to French port by French prime minister.

Thousands of holidaymakers stranded as French ferry workers blockade Calais

Protesters used lifeboats to stop ships entering or leaving the French port on one of busiest nights of the year.

French Roma gypsies block major motorway to Calais with burning tyres

Protest aimed at getting prisoner, whose father was among those killed in Roma camp earlier this week, released for funeral.

Migrant seriously hurt in France may have been hit by train

The 22-year-old Eritrean suffered a head injury and internal bleeding as Channel Tunnel briefly closed by migrants on railway.

France and Britain sign deal to beef up security to contain migrants in Calais

Migrants in Calais chanted 'We are not animals' as French, UK ministers announced new measures including a joint 'control and command centre'.

UK, France ministers to sign Calais migrant security agreement

French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve and his UK counterpart will meet in Calais on Thursday over new deal to contain migrant crisis.

UK opinion poll finds majority favour sending army to Calais to contain migrants

The survey followed PM Cameron's talk of a 'swarm' of migrants while his FM warned of 'marauding' migrants threatening living standards.