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UK, France ministers to sign Calais migrant security agreement

French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve and his UK counterpart will meet in Calais on Thursday over new deal to contain migrant crisis.

UK opinion poll finds majority favour sending army to Calais to contain migrants

The survey followed PM Cameron's talk of a 'swarm' of migrants while his FM warned of 'marauding' migrants threatening living standards.

France needs 'civil emergency' plan for Calais migrants says UN

Senior UN officials says situation is a 'civil emergency' but adds that with right action it is a 'manageable situation'.

Why charity in Calais is 'no different to a disaster zone'

Instead of pledging higher fences and more sniffer dogs politicians should fix broken asylum system, argues charity boss.

From Calais to Italy: how France has become Europe's new border guard


In return for help in making the Channel Tunnel and the port at Calais more “secure”, France has agreed to monitor Britain's borders on its behalf. On the Italian frontier, meanwhile, French police are searching for migrants who have crossed the Mediterranean. As Carine Fouteau reports, interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve has taken on the mantle of Europe's new gatekeeper, at the risk of breaching European law.

Calais migrant crisis: UK and France urge EU action

In joint article for British newspaper, UK home secretary and French counterpart say the situation is part of a 'global migration crisis'.

Calais migrants undaunted by extra French riot police

But police say that number of migrants trying to enter Britain through Channel Tunnel eased slightly after deployment of extra 120 officers.

Calais migrant crisis: France sends extra police to Channel Tunnel

Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said extra 120 officers would be temporarily based in Calais and would help to secure the terminal area.

Man dies as 1,500 migrants try to enter Channel Tunnel

Victim, said to be Sudanese and aged between 25 and 30, is reported to have been hit by a lorry as UK's PM calls Calais situation 'very concerning'.

Corpses on Norwegian, Dutch beaches were migrants swimming to UK from France

The mystery of the remains found in wetsuits was solved by a dogged Norwegian journalist and highlight the desperate plight of Calais migrants.

Migrants injured after group 'broke into Channel Tunnel'

Tunnel operator said two migrants were found injured on a train and another on tracks after 'a large number' passed through French entrance.

Migrant killed after 'falling off shuttle' crossing through Channel Tunnel

A police source said the UK-bound man fell off a freight carriage he mounted in France, the second migrant death in the tunnel in a month.

Migrants try to storm Channel tunnel, sparking further delays

Eurotunnel said services were delayed and cancelled after the migrants attempted to access restricted areas on the French side.

France calls for British cooperation over Calais migrant crisis

A report from the French interior ministry report calls for the two countries to pool resources to deal with asylum applications.

Calais strike: huge tailbacks as French ferry workers block port

British premier David Cameron calls President Hollande to ask for assurances that ferry dispute will not drag on through the summer.