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Shock posters on Paris streets in campaign against domestic violence

A Paris group of women campaigners against domestic violence, which is estimated by one feminist association to have caused the deaths of more than one hundred women in France since the start of the year, has launched a campaign to bring greater public awareness to the issue by placing posters in tribute to victims on the walls of the capital's streets.   

The secret story behind Macron's campaign fundraising

Emmanuel Macron in May 2016. © Reuters Emmanuel Macron in May 2016. © Reuters

In order to finance his election campaign, Emmanuel Macron succeeded in raising almost 13 million euros in what was a remarkable achievement for his maverick centrist political movement En Marche ! created barely one year before his election as president. But contrary to the image put about by his campaign team that it was the result of a spontaneous surge of popular support, the funds were primarily sourced from a powerful network of bankers, financiers and businessmen, as information gathered from the massive leak of hacked En Marche ! internal documents and verified by Mediapart reveals.

Huge anti-Macron hack linked to 'Russian' group in US election attack

Experts from US- and Japan-based cybersecurity firms have suggested that the massive pre-election hacking of documents from French president-elect Emmanuel Macron's campaign team, and which were posted online with reportedly fake contents, was the work of groups reportedly affiliated to Russian military intelligence.

French far-right party says it lacks funds for presidential elections

The Front National has seen its requests for a loan for the presidential electon campaign of its leader, Marine Le Pen, turned down by French banks, said the party's secretary-general, who claimed that political motives were behind the lenders' refusal.

France launches campaign against sexual harassment on public transport

The explicit poster and social media campaign is part of a wider government-led crackdown this year on harassment of women in public places. 

France drive to up tourist numbers with sweeter welcome

The world's top tourist destination launches campaign to raise numbers of visitors to a yearly 100 million by 2020, urging the hosts to be less gruff.

Sarkozy questioned over 2012 campaign fine

Investigation centres on claims UMP party should not have paid Sarkozy's fine after former president's 2012 campaign broke election spending limits.

Sarkozy comes out against France's same-sex marriage law

The former French president, campaigning for leadership of his conservative UMP party, had previously come under fire for dodging the issue.

No sex please - we're French nudists

The French nudist federation has launched a campaign to rid France's naturist resorts of a reputation that they serve those looking for open sex.

News 'blackout' over why Sarkozy's election campaign accounts were rejected


The official body that scrutinises election funding has refused to publish its reasons for rejecting Nicolas Sarkozy's accounts for the presidential campaign last year. Now Mediapart has obtained a ruling that the organisation must reveal the reasons behind its decision or risk flouting the law. Mathilde Mathieu explains the background to an obscure administrative wrangle with potentially wide-ranging consequences.


PSA faces rocky road ahead as unions gear up for jobs battle

Stern union opposition to Peugeot Citroën's plans to slash 8,000 jobs announces tough test ahead for other European carmakers mulling similar moves.

How Toulouse shootings have affected the French election campaign

The shooting of a rabbi and three young children at a Jewish school in Toulouse in south-west France and the earlier killing of three off-duty French soldiers have shocked the nation. These tragic events occurred as the presidential election entered its final month, forcing the candidates to reconsider their strategies. Some chose to suspend their campaign, others carried on electioneering. Lénaïg Bredoux, Ellen Salvi and Marine Turchi report.

France ‘poisoned by divisions’ says presidential hopeful after Toulouse shootings

Centrist candidate Francois Bayrou has refused to join other candidates in halting his campaign after the killing of four people at a school.

Sarkozy targets jobless benefits in re-election plan

Nicolas Sarkozy, expected to launch his re-election bid next week, sets out plans to make the jobless work for benefits and reforms in education.

The writing's on the wall for the election debate ahead


The French presidential elections are now less than a year away, and official campaigning will begin in earnest this autumn. A slightly tongue-in-cheek Antoine Perraud, proving that a journalist is never at rest even while travelling the Paris Metro, sees a message behind the station ads that points to the tone of the political debate ahead.