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French rock legend Johnny Hallyday announces he has cancer

 But the 73-year-old who has been described as the French Elvis said he is being treated and that his life was 'not in danger'.

French study finds clear link between some breast implants and rare cancer

Despite an 'established' link between a certain form of implant and a rare cancer, French health minister says there is no need to remove implants.  

France announces 1.5-billion-euro anti-cancer plan

President Hollande says plan includes doubling number of clinical trials for cancer drugs and introducing widespread screening for cervical cancer.

French minister reveals cancer to 'change attitudes to the disease'

Dominique Bertinotti, 59-year-old minister for families, has revealed to the press she has been fighting breast cancer since February.

E-cigarettes may be carcinogenic, report claims

Study by French consumer magazine warns that electronic cigarettes can “contain potentially carcinogenic elements”.

France to seek EU ban on GM corn imports 'if study credible'

The French government says it will seek a EU ban on imports of Monsanto GM corn if a study linking it to cancer in rats is deemed credible.

France considers call to remove risky breast implants

French health authorities may advise an estimated 30,000 women in France remove their breast implants amid warnings over rupture and cancer risks.