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France 'targeting Commission presidency' in new EU appointments

The French government is aiming to place one of its nationals as EU Commission president after incumbent Jean-Claude Junker leaves the post this year, in preference to competing for the presidency of the European Central Bank, also due for a new head, according to informed sources cited by news agency Reuters.

Macron movement unveils candidates for parliament seats

The newly renamed La République En Marche (Republic on the Move) movement of French president-elect Emmanuel Macron has revealed a list of 428 candidates it will field in parliamentary elections next month, with a precise parity of men and women, a majority of individuals from civil society and an age gap ranging from 24 to 72, while it has yet to find another 149 in order to fight every constituency.

Macron leads polls after French presidential candidates' debate

Opinion surveys immediately after a marathon TV debate on Monday between the top five candidates campaigning for the French presidency found the most convincing participant was centrist Emmanuel Macron, who on Tuesday was boosted by support from both a junior minister in the socialist government and also an advisor to President François Hollande.

Leading French presidential candidates in key TV debate

The leading five candidates, out of a total of 11, take part in the first televised debate between them on Monday evening, regarded by observers as a key contest to win over what opinion polls show to be a large number of the elctorate who have yet to decide with who they will place their vote.

The final list of the 11 candidates running for the French presidency

The final list of candidates qualified to stand in the French presidential elections that begin next month was announced by France's Consitutional Council on Saturday, made up of nine men and two women representing the full political spectrum.  

In corruption-hit French elections, scandal rolls off Le Pen's back

While support for the early favourite to win this spring's presidential election, conservative candidate François Fillon, has slumped over allegations of providing fake jobs for his family, a separate fake jobs scandal surrounding far-right frontrunner Marine Le Pen appears to have so far caused little damage to her campaign.

French presidential election candidates take to YouTube

The campaigning for the two-round elections that begin on April 23rd is heating up, with candidates turning for the first time to video blogs as a relatively inexpensive means of reaching a mass audience.

French economy minister Macron to bid for presidency


French economy minister Emmanuel Macron is to announce he will make a bid as an independent candidate for the French presidency in elections due in 2017, Mediapart has been told by well-informed sources. Macron, 38, who launched his own political movement last month, is reported to be actively seeking funds for his campaign. The move, which Mediapart understands may be announced in early June, could well be the final blow for President François Hollande’s own ambitions for a second term in office and has heightened tensions between Macron and Prime Minister Manuel Valls. Laurent Mauduit reports.

Outcry as future European Commission set for massive male domination


Future European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, due to take up his functions this autumn, already faces an immediate problem as he composes his list of 28 European commissioners. For out of the 23 nominations so far officialised, only four are women. That represents five less than the outgoing commission, whose female contingent have now co-signed an open letter to Juncker demanding he find at least ten women. As Mediapart’s Brussels correspondent Ludavic Lamant reports, there is increasing uproar over the issue, notably among members of the European Parliament to who Juncker must submit his final list of commissioners for approval.

French parties announce European election cadidates

The official lists include former ministers of Left and Right for what is tipped to be an election beset by a poor turnout and abstentions.

French revolution: why is an all-female race for mayor so unusual?

For the first time, the battle to be the next mayor of Paris is shaping up to be an exclusively female affair, with four women candidates due to stand.

Candidates cast their votes

François Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy join early voting in the final round of the French presidential elections (video).