France mulls dropping criminal prosecution of cannabis users

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A report commissioned by the French government recommends dropping criminal prosecution of cannabis users and introducing fixed fines instead in order to relieve the bureaucracy involved in sanctioning an estimated 1.4 million people who use the drug, and who currently face a maximum sentence of one year in prison.

The lottery of France's laws on smoking cannabis

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For many years successive French governments have opposed the decriminalisation of cannabis, unlike many other countries. However, France did recently bring in on-the-spot police fines in a bid to simplify procedures and avoid lengthy and costly court cases for cannabis users. However, this new approach will not end the disparities and lack of coherence in the existing repressive policy, under which prosecution for using cannabis depends as much on who you are and where you live as on what you smoke. Michaël Hajdenberg reports.

French customs in 20-million-euro cannabis bust in chic Paris quarter

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No arrests were made when the drugs were found in vans parked in the 16th arrondissement in bags containing resin blocks of around 25 kilos.

Police seize nearly 6 tonnes of cannabis resin in Marseille

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The drug bust, which followed months of investigation, found 5.6 tonnes in a villa in the southern port city and another 150kg in a nearby car.

French discovery could lead to treatment for cannabis addiction

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French scientists have found that a naturally-occurring hormone acts as spontaneous defense in the brain against the 'high' caused by marijuana.

Pot-smoking, peacenik Bob Dylan ‘unworthy’ of French Légion d’honneur award

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The American singer-songwriter was 'blackballed' because of his anti-war activism during the Vietnam War and his cannabis use.