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Cannes beach officials ban selfies

Sections of the Riviera beach are designated a 'No Braggies Zone', a haven for those weary of seeing beachgoers taking shots of their own faces.

French riviera: private beach clubs at risk under demolition plans

Authorities are serving notice to owners of 'private beaches' on France's coastline that buildings must be pulled down once permit comes to an end.

French police dismantle illegal Bitcoin exchange

Two people in Cannes and Nice arested after police seized 388 virtual currency units worth €200,000 euros in the first such operation in Europe.

DSK-inspired Depardieu movie gets Cannes premiere

Movie inspired by scandal that brought down IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn got its world premiere in Cannes to mixed reviews.

Films by four French directors short-listed for Cannes' top prize

Jeran-Luc Godard’s 'Adieu au Langage' (Goodbye to Language) and Bertrand Bonnello’s 'Saint Laurent' among films competing for top prize.

Jane Campion to head jury for Cannes 2014

Director of The Piano to take prestigious role as jury president for this year's edition of the leading European film festival.

Pink Panther 'jewel thief' held in France

Police said the man, in his 40s, of Montenegrin origin, was arrested at his home in southern France as he tried to escape through a window.

Officials up value of French Riviera jewellery heist to 102 million euros

A lone gunman reportedly carried out the theft at a jewellery show at the Cannes Carlton hotel, backdrop to the Hitchcock movie 'To Catch a Thief'.

Cannes crowns 'Love' as Europe sweeps awards

French film festival gives Palme d'Or to "Love" by Austria's Michael Haneke, the wrenching tale of a man and his dying wife.

G20 big picture: leaders and their economic woes

The BBC presents a group photo of G20 leaders meeting in Cannes with a 'click on' guide to the economic troubles each one faces.

The final communiqué from G20 summit in Cannes

The final communqué issued by the G20 summit in Cannes outlines the results of the talks, and icludes boosting powers of the IMF.