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Could an uprising in rural Mexico point the way to a post-capitalist world?

Un zapatiste cagoulé jouant du Guitarrón Un zapatiste cagoulé jouant du Guitarrón

Twenty years ago the Zapatista movement in Mexico symbolised a rejection of capitalism that was later to feed into the global justice movement. However the prevailing mood in the West at the time was that fundamental change to the capitalist structure of society had become unimaginable. Then came the financial crisis of 2008, which caused a major re-think among many intellectuals and activists. Now French historian Jérôme Baschet has drawn on personal knowledge of the Zapatista movement for a new book in which he describes potential routes to a post-capitalist society. Joseph Confavreux reviews 'Farewell to capitalism'.

The changing face of French horse racing – a mirror image of capitalism in France

L'industriel Marcel Boussac L'industriel Marcel Boussac

The world of French horse racing is undergoing a revolution. Money is pouring in from Qatar and other Gulf states, while deregulation of the sector is encouraging more and more online betting – at the risk of encouraging more problems of gambling addiction. Few outside the racing industry have taken much notice of the transformation. But, as Laurent Mauduit argues, it is a reflection of the wider changes that are also affecting the world of French capitalism.

Unleash the dogs of capitalism (Boston Globe)