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French prosecutor says no terror link to Dijon car rampage

Officials said the driver who ran down 13 pedestrians in the south-eastern city has severe mental illness and no links to terrorism.

Driver 'invoking Allah' ploughs into pedestrians in French city centre

Eleven people were injured, two seriously, after a man in his forties slammed his car into groups of pedestrians in Dijon, south-east France.

France falls out of love with the car

For a growing number of French drivers, owning a car is now seen as a burden and a vehicle as merely a service.

French court rules car a private place in secret actress photos case

A photographer and staff of magazine Closer received suspended fines for publishing photos of Julie Gayet at the steering wheel of her car.

The plight of the Bororo people fleeing carnage in the Central African Republic


How France lost its way in Africa's wars

 © French defence ministry © French defence ministry

Nothing has gone to plan in the two military campaigns launched last year by French President François Hollande in Mali and the Central African Republic. In-depth reports by the United Nations, the French parliament and various NGOs detail the huge and quite different problems now faced in both countries, which have resulted in the French army becoming bogged down in its war-torn former colonies. Paris has now announced a new "counter-terrorist" offensive, this time against jihadist groups in the Sahel region of Northern Africa. As Hollande prepares to visit three African countries this week to discuss the move, Mediapart's editor François Bonnet analyses how France has lost its way amid missions that were initially presented as short-term and which now promise the long haul with no exit in sight.   

French MPs approve extending military mission in CAR

French parliament votes in favour of lengthening peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic, as inter-religious violence worsens.

France to send more troops to strife-torn Central African Republic

Amid growing fears of an imminent genocide of Muslims in the former French colony, Paris is boosting its peacekeeping force by 400 troops.

France likely to extend mission in Central African Republic: minister

Defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian says UN will probably have to extend France's military mandate in the country when it expires in May.

France 'underestimated religious hatred in Central African Republic'

France’s ambassador to the UN said his country 'did not foresee such deep, ingrained hatred' between Christians and Muslims in CAR.

Theatre director rams French presidential office gates

The 67 year-old Italian national, head of a Paris theatre, was arrested after driving his car into the 19th-century gates of the Elysée Palace.

Six Chadian soldiers killed in Central African Republic

The Chadian troops were ambushed in the CAR capital Bangui, where heavy firefights prompted French forces to deploy tanks near the airport.

Paris announces EU to consider joint mission in CAR

French President François Hollande says EU will decide next month on helping French forces keep peace in war-torn Central African Republic.

Why French intervention may only maintain the Central African Republic's woes


The Central African Republic (CAR), where French troops are engaged in attempting to restore order amid inter-religious violence and which has long been the scene of political chaos, is governed more by its influential neighbouring states than any true national leadership, writes Mediapart international affairs correspondent Thomas Cantaloube. In this analysis of a complex and seemingly blocked situation for the country’s future, he concludes that the French military intervention is unlikely to remove - and more likely to maintain - the fundamental reasons for the turmoil in CAR.

Hollande arrives in CAR after French soldier’s deaths

President visits Central African Republic following killing of two soldiers in firefight near main airport during French troops' bid to restore calm.