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French government 'plans to abandon carbon tax'

French press report, citing sources, said the unilateral carbon tax, announced by environment minister Ségolène Royal in May as a spur for other countries to do the same, was now considered too complicated to introduce and might be unconstitutional.

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New French carbontax 'will raise 4 billion euros'

A new carbon tax in France will generate 4bn euros by 2016, 2.5bn euros in 2015 alone, according to Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault.

French nuclear plants to help fund energy goals: PM

Jean-Marc Ayrault unveils plans to finance energy transition with funds from nuclear plants on top of carbon tax levied on fossil fuels from 2014.

France cannot take any more taxes, government admits

But promise comes as minister announces creation of "carbon tax" and amid reports that overall tax burden on French will rise next year.

France to introduce new type of green tax- minister

Energy minister Philippe Martin said government was planning a 'climate energy contribution' but gave no details about what form this tax would take.