Cécile Duflot

Court orders French state to 'fix' consequences of its climate failures

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Thursday’s ruling gives the French state until 31 December 2022 to find a way to compensate for the extra tonnes of greenhouse gases emitted.

Senior MP quits 'ultra-left' French Greens

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François de Rugy, a long-time supporter of an alliance with the ruling Socialist Party, said the EELV party had moved too far to the left.

Bitter background to tragic death of young French eco-protester


The death of 21-year-old botany student Rémi Fraisse following clashes between gendarmes and opponents of a dam project in south-west France has led to major political fallout, as well as being a personal tragedy. President François Hollande's government has been accused of being too slow to react to the tragic events, and then of siding too much and too quickly with the security forces and of having ignored warnings about “violent” policing at the protest site. Ministers have meanwhile accused green politicians of seeking to make political capital out of the death and of prejudging the outcome of judicial investigations. The under-pressure interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve has now stopped the use of so-called 'offensive' grenades of the type believed to have caused the death of Rémi Fraisse, while the building of the dam itself has been suspended. Louise Fessard, Jade Lindgaard, Nicolas Bérard and Mathieu Magnaudeix examine the repercussions of the tragedy and look at the background to what the lawyer for the victim's family has described as an “unprecedented state scandal”.

Hollande is 'nobody's president' says his former minister

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In a book out this week the Green party's Cécile Duflot says French president suffers from 'chronic indecisiveness' and cannot meet targets.

French prime minister rejects calls for change of direction

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Manuel Valls attacked those on left who made 'irresponsible propositions' and said policy of reducing tax burden on companies would work.

France's Hollande tells ministers to end Roma row

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President orders interior minister and housing minister to end damaging public squabble over how to tackle issue of Roma people in France.

France's Hollande urged to act as Roma row splits govt

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President has so far declined to get embroiled in dispute triggered by interior minister's claim that most Roma in France will never integrate.

French Greens realise that glass half empty is better than no glass at all


The green alliance Europe Écologie-Les Verts, which has two ministers in the French government, ended its annual summer gathering this weekend in better spirits than many had predicted. Some green-tinged policy announcements and victory over one of their government 'enemies' seem to have ensured their participation in President Hollande's socialist administration for some time to come. But in reality the Greens' 'successes' were little more than avoiding defeats. Stéphane Alliès explains.