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French army mocks Trump's cancelled visit to WWI cemetery

In a post on Twitter, the French army mocked US president Donald Trump’s decision on Sunday to cancel a visit to a cemetery of US soldiers killed in WWI, when bad weather conditions were cited as the reason, during his visit to France to mark the centenary of the 1918 armistice.

France commemorates centenary of Battle of Verdun

About 30 million shells were fired in the WW1 battle in NE France which, over 300 days, left an estimated 800,000 soldiers dead, wounded or missing.

French president says Turkey should recognise Armenian genocide

François Hollande was speaking at ceremony in Armenia's capital Yerevan to mark 100 years since mass killings of roughly 1.5 million people.

French and German leaders commemorate 100th anniversary of World War One

Presidents Francois Hollande and Joachim Gauck laid wreathes at Hartmannswillerkopf to mark centenary of Germany's declaration of war.

France 'still feeling' the legacy of WWI 100 years on

As France prepares to mark 100 years since start of First World War, historian Nicolas Offenstadt explains why the conflict is still so significant.