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The Mediapart symposium: 'Truth in the digital age'

Vendredi 16 Mars 2018 pour les 10 ans de Mediapart : Colloque international - Le droit de savoir © Mediapart

As part of the many events marking its 10th anniversary this month, Mediapart organised an international symposium on March 16th to debate and examine the many challenges, the new possibilities and the new obstacles, for truthful reporting and information gathering in the digital age. The debates, which were broadcast here live with simultaneous translation in English on Friday afternoon, brought together journalists and experts with a special insight into the questions about serving the public’s right to know, the fundamental issue which has been at the heart of Mediapart’s initial project and also its mission over the past decade (click on headline for more details on inside page, click on screen for the replay).

CDs go from waste to art in Paris

French artist Elise Morin and architect Clemence Eliard create hand-sewn sculpture from 65,000 CDs in Paris to promote recycling disc garbage.