Central African Republic

Price rises fuel new gold rush in Africa


Around a quarter of the world's gold production is in Africa and extraction of the precious metal has been been stepped up as its price on world markets has increased. But a significant proportion of this mining is carried out illegally by small-scale miners and much of the gold then finds its way into the hands of criminal and armed groups across the continent before being sold in the Middle East. Fanny Pigeaud reports on attempts to clean up the sector through stronger regulations.

Magistrates dismiss child sex abuse case against French troops in Africa

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A French judicial investigation into claims relayed by the United Nations that several French soldiers engaged in a peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic perpetrated rape and sexual abuse of minors between 2013 and 2014 has been wound down after magistrates ruled there was insifficient evidence to support a prosecution.

'No charges' for French troops over child sex claims in Africa

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Investigating judges have found no evidence to warrant further investigation into claims of abuse in the Central African Republic, the BBC says.

France ends military operation in Central African Republic

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France says Operation Sangaris in 2013 succeeded in mission to stop fighting in CAR but news comes as a fresh wave of killings rocks country.

France vows zero impunity for its troops in African sex abuse case

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President Hollande says if reports that its soldiers abused children in Central African Republic are true it would be a 'stain on France's honour'.

France to wind down Central African Republic force by 'end of 2016'

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Defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian says France, which has 900 soldiers in strife-torn nation, aims to reduce troops levels to pre-crisis level.

French troops held over Central African Republic child sex claims

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The four men appear to be the first to face judicial questioning in France since accusations were first made against French peacekeepers last year.

France moves for UN sanctions against those blocking peace moves in CAR

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France says it and UN 'partners' want to freeze assets and ban travel of parties hindering peace transition in strife-torn Central African Republic.

Another French soldier in Central African Republic accused of sexual abuse

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Allegations that French soldier sexually abused a girl in her mid-to-late teens is latest in series of claims against peacekeeping forces.

Central African Republic: the grim backdrop to French troops childsex scandal

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Following the revelation in late April that a UN investigation had collected convincing evidence that French peacekeeping troops in the Central African Republic (CAR) had sexually abused boys aged as young as nine, including acts of rape, the French authorities feigned to be unaware of the alleged events, despite being alerted at least eight months earlier. In this investigation by Mediapart, we present the confidential UN report in full, and hear from aid workers and members of inter-governmental organizations active in the strife-torn country how child abuse cases are in fact more widespread, why they believe there was a deliberate cover up of the UN evidence, and the tales of wider scandals involving members of the foreign community in CAR, a country that has become anything but a sovereign state. Thomas Cantaloube in Bangui and Célhia de Lavarène in New York report.

France launches criminal investigation into French troops CAR sex abuse claims

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The judicial probe is launched after France was criticised for slow action on claims its troops sexually abused boys in Central African Republic.

France's Hollande vows no mercy to soldiers if African child abuse proven

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As many as 14 French soldiers could be implicated in claims which risk damaging reputation of France's peacekeeping operations in Africa.

France's poisoned legacy in the Central African Republic

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French troops sent to protect tens of thousands displaced by the violence are now accused of exploiting the lawlessness engulfing the nation.

UN aid worker suspended for leaking report on child abuse by French troops

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Anders Kompass said to have passed confidential document to French authorities after UN’s failure to stop abuse in Central African Republic.

Kidnapped French aid worker Claudia Priest freed in CAR

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The 67 year-old teacher for her own Catholic ONG was kidnapped in the Central African Republic by Christian militiamen on Monday.