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Paris announces EU to consider joint mission in CAR

French President François Hollande says EU will decide next month on helping French forces keep peace in war-torn Central African Republic.

Why French intervention may only maintain the Central African Republic's woes


The Central African Republic (CAR), where French troops are engaged in attempting to restore order amid inter-religious violence and which has long been the scene of political chaos, is governed more by its influential neighbouring states than any true national leadership, writes Mediapart international affairs correspondent Thomas Cantaloube. In this analysis of a complex and seemingly blocked situation for the country’s future, he concludes that the French military intervention is unlikely to remove - and more likely to maintain - the fundamental reasons for the turmoil in CAR.

Cool German reaction to French appeal for support in Central Africa

Germany appears to have dismissed French calls for EU partners to help with financial support and ground troops for its CAR peacekeeping mission.

European troops to back France in Central Africa, says minister

European armies will reinforce French troops deployed in the Central African Republic to halt sectarian violence, says French foreign minister.

France to ask European partners for more help in C.Africa

Foreign minister Laurent Fabius to make formal appeal in Brussels for assistance as French forces try to pacify Central African Republic.

Tragedy of the Central African Republic: diamonds in the soil, poverty on the streets

Les murs des maisons de Carnot rappellent que le diamant est une richesse importante de la ville. © Thomas Cantaloube Les murs des maisons de Carnot rappellent que le diamant est une richesse importante de la ville. © Thomas Cantaloube

The Central African Republic is regularly held up as a country rich in diamonds, uranium and other valuable minerals. But despite the wealth of its natural resources this former French colony remains one of the poorest countries on earth. As French troops try to restore order in this strife-torn country, Mediapart's Thomas Cantaloube reports from the mining area of Carnot and discovers the reasons why prosperity continues to be so elusive.

Hollande arrives in CAR after French soldier’s deaths

President visits Central African Republic following killing of two soldiers in firefight near main airport during French troops' bid to restore calm.

French soldiers killed in Central African Republic

The two soldiers, who were killed in the capital Bangui, are the first French deaths since President Hollande deployed 1,600 troops last week.

Does French president François Hollande have an African policy?


France has just deployed troops in the Central African Republic capital, less than a year after it staged a military intervention in Mali. This latest use of force, coinciding with a French-African summit in Paris, has once again thrown the spotlight on what Paris's role in its former colonies should be. The old discredited policy of 'Françafrique', with its overtones of corruption, has been rejected. But what should replace it? As Thomas Cantaloube reports from the Central African Republic, President Hollande's current policy seems unclear.

Central African Republic: French troops expand operations

Intervention of 1,600 French troops comes as President Hollande calls for setting up of African rapid deployment force 'within months'.

French troops begin operation in Central African Republic as violence worsens

Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian says that French troops have now moved to carry out patrols in capital Bangui, following UN green light.

France in the Central African Republic is latest use of 'Hollande doctrine'

The country is using military intervention in Africa for humanitarian means – but also to boost its leader's dismal poll rankings.

Clashes sweep Central African capital ahead of French troops

Fighting came to Bangui just as U.N. authorized a French and African intervention force to prevent bloodbath between Christians and Muslims.

Central African Republic crisis: France sends more troops

Around French 200 troops have arrived, with another 500 expected imminently, in a bid to restore order after a rebel takeover.

France sends 1,000 troops to crisis-hit Central African Republic

The peace-keeping force will join another 420 French troops already on the ground amid fears that the CAR is on the brink of a bloody civil war.