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France pays tribute to terrorist attack victims

The ceremony, at the Invalides military complex in Paris, was attended by hundreds of relatives of the victims of a series of terrorist attacks in France since January 2015, and also by President François Hollande and political leaders.

Rap star Verdun commemoration show cancelled after far-right protests

Front National said Black M, due to perform at the late-May remembrance ceremony of WWI battle, has recorded songs calling France a country of infidels.

Comedy about gender confusion sweeps French cinema awards

Guillaume Gallienne's autobiographical film about a boy whose family treated him as a girl wins five trophies at the yearly César awards.

French and German presidents mark SS massacre in Oradour-sur-Glane

The heads of state visited the ghost village in central France where, in June 1944, German troops slaughtered 642 people, including 207 children.