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Beheaded teacher given honours in national tribute at Sorbonne

At a ceremony in front of the Sorbonne University in Paris, teacher Samuel Paty, who was murdered  last Friday by an Islamic extremist for showing cartoons of prophet Muhammad to pupils in a class on civic rights, was posthumously awarded France's highest honour for civil merit, the Légion d’Honneur, by President Emmanuel Macron. 

French cinema awards body under fire from actors and filmmakers

Around 200 French cinema professionals have signed an open letter calling for the overhaul and democratisation of the organisation behind France's César awards, the country's equivalent to the Oscars, which they complain is an 'elitist and closed system'.

France pays tribute to terrorist attack victims

The ceremony, at the Invalides military complex in Paris, was attended by hundreds of relatives of the victims of a series of terrorist attacks in France since January 2015, and also by President François Hollande and political leaders.

Rap star Verdun commemoration show cancelled after far-right protests

Front National said Black M, due to perform at the late-May remembrance ceremony of WWI battle, has recorded songs calling France a country of infidels.

Comedy about gender confusion sweeps French cinema awards

Guillaume Gallienne's autobiographical film about a boy whose family treated him as a girl wins five trophies at the yearly César awards.

French and German presidents mark SS massacre in Oradour-sur-Glane

The heads of state visited the ghost village in central France where, in June 1944, German troops slaughtered 642 people, including 207 children.