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Champagne producers report record sales in 2021

Despite lockdowns that closed restaurants, bars and receptions last year, France's Champagne producers report that 2021 saw record sales worth around 5.5 billion euros, led by a leap in exports and a return to normal on the home market.

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France's Champagne producers fizz over Russian 'sparkling wine' law

Celebrated Champagne producer Moët Hennessy, part of the LVMH luxury group that includes Veuve Clicquot, Ruinart, Mercier, Krug and Dom Pérignon, threatened to suspend exports to Russia after President Vladimir Putin required all non-Russian producers of bubbly wine to mark their products in Russia as 'sparkling wine', but has now backed down.

Champagne makers bemoan sales 'catastrophe' brought on by virus

Champagne producers estimate sales losses to now caused by the public restrictions to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, notably affecting group partying, the restaurant sector and entertainment businesses, amount to around 2 million dollars.

Front National and EU allies face €427,000 bill over 'non-compliant' expenses

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The Front National's Marine Le Pen and her European allies at Koblenz in Germany, January 21st, 2017. © Reuters The Front National's Marine Le Pen and her European allies at Koblenz in Germany, January 21st, 2017. © Reuters

The European Parliament is poised to launch proceedings to reclaim “non-compliant” expenses from the far-right parliamentary grouping that includes France's Front National, Mediapart has learnt. The total amount of the expenses involved, which include “unreasonable” claims of meals costing 400 euros a person, and the purchase of 228 bottles of champagne as gifts, comes to 427,000 euros. Ludovic Lamant and Marine Turchi report.

Champagne house discovers 131-year-old bottles lost in cave collapse

A vast cellar belonging to Champagne house Pol Roger collapsed in 1900 and buried more than a million bottles of its produce, but recent building work has unearthed 20 of them, which date back to the harvest in 1887, in what appears to be good condition.

Will France's new wine regions threaten Champagne tradition?

Many Champagne producers are opponents of EU rule which should open up new French wine regions for first time in nearly a century.

Champagne and thousands of police: French toast 2016 under tight security

French capital abandons traditional firework display on Champs Elysées, calling in no fewer than 11,000 police to patrol the festivities.

Unesco world heritage appellations boost France's wine tourism drive

The new status for Champagne and Burgundy regions spurs wine tours which are seen as major draw in France's bid to increase tourist numbers.

Corks pop in France as Champagne and Burgundy win UNESCO status

Two of France's top wine-producing areas have been officially classified as sites of special cultural or natural significance.

Champagne surplus grows as sales slump for second year

After enjoying years of growing sales and exports, France's Champagne producers see sales falling even further than in 2012.

France's champagne harvest shrinks drastically

Lowest harvest in at least 40 years says Agriculture Ministry after vineyards were ravaged by hailstorms, wet weather, and fungus.