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French police fire tear gas as 'over 800 migrants' storm Channel Tunnel

Police say number of migrants trying to enter tunnel near Calais was 'unprecedented' for daytime as most attempts take place when it is dark.

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Migrants disrupt trains as they try to enter Channel Tunnel

About 200 migrants clashed with staff and police as they tried to get into the tunnel on the French side, forcing suspension of rail services.

Migrant dies from electrocution while trying to board cross-Channel train

The man, believed to be Syrian, was killed in the Channel Tunnel's French entrance as he tried to climb a Britain-bound freight shuttle.

Eurostar passengers stranded in dark after 'intruders' enter train tracks

Food and water were distributed to passengers on the Paris to London stranded at the Calais-Frethun station in northern France.

Migrant seriously hurt in France may have been hit by train

The 22-year-old Eritrean suffered a head injury and internal bleeding as Channel Tunnel briefly closed by migrants on railway.

Calais migrants undaunted by extra French riot police

But police say that number of migrants trying to enter Britain through Channel Tunnel eased slightly after deployment of extra 120 officers.

Calais migrant crisis: France sends extra police to Channel Tunnel

Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said extra 120 officers would be temporarily based in Calais and would help to secure the terminal area.

'Two thousand' migrants rush Channel Tunnel in Calais, say operators

UK government unblocks 10M euros for security in Calais while Eurotunnel reports a number of injuries in the incidents overnight Monday.

Migrants injured after group 'broke into Channel Tunnel'

Tunnel operator said two migrants were found injured on a train and another on tracks after 'a large number' passed through French entrance.

Migrant killed after 'falling off shuttle' crossing through Channel Tunnel

A police source said the UK-bound man fell off a freight carriage he mounted in France, the second migrant death in the tunnel in a month.

Channel tunnel reopens after fire set by strikers but travel chaos goes on

Eurostar and Eurotunnel services resume but delays continue across Kent as ferry services to and from Dover cancelled due to blockade.

More Channel Tunnel traffic chaos after electricity outage Sunday

Following a fire on Saturday caused severe disruption to Eurostar and Shuttle traffic, both Channel tunnels were closed on Sunday by the outage.

Channel Tunnel to partially reopen after truck fire incident

A fire in the load of a truck shut down tunnel services on Saturday, but reduced services at least were expected to restart Sunday.

EU summons France, UK to reduce Channel Tunnel prices

The European Commission has issued a 'reasoned opinion' to France and the UK to reduce 'excessive' tunnel transport charges, or face proceedings.