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When Paris attacks gunman spoke of his 'transformation' in prison

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In December 2008, freelance journalist Warda Mohamed interviewed a 26-year-old convicted delinquent who hid his identity behind the pseudonym ‘Hugo’. The interview centred on the repeat offender’s experiences in prison, where he served time for crimes including armed robbery and drugs trafficking. Little more than six years later, Mohamed discovered that ‘Hugo’ was in fact Amedy Coulibaly, who shot dead a policewoman and four customers of a kosher store during the January 2015 Islamist terrorist massacres in Paris. Here Mohamed returns to that interview in 2008, when Coulibaly explained how he was “transformed” by prison.

Jordanian queen hits out at Charlie Hebdo Alan Kurdi cartoon

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Rania posts Twitter message in response to weekly's black cartoon joke that infant who died on Turkish beach could have become 'groper in Germany'.

France remembers terror victims with muted ceremony

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Around 2,000 people submitted to security checks to get into Place de la République event, which paid tribute to terror victims in 2015.

French president unveils memorial to victims of 2015 terrorism

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François Hollande and Paris mayor Anne Hildago dedicated a plaque to the 147 people who died at the hands of terrorists in France in 2015.

French security under scrutiny after Charlie Hebdo anniversary attack

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President Hollande’s speech on 2015 massacre marked by shooting of knifeman in Paris and debate on efficacy of intelligence forces.

French police shoot man trying to enter Paris police station

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Man with knife shouted 'God is greatest' and was killed by police before he could enter the 18th arrondissement's Goutte d'Or station.

Did French police miss chance to warn Charlie Hebdo staff of attacks?

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Claim that threats from Chérif Kouachi - one of the two gunmen - outside magazine three months before shootings were not acted on.

A year after Charlie Hebdo, why France needs vision

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Academic Dominique Moisi argues that the country must face up to the uncertainty and cultural fractures that confront it.

A year after attacks, Charlie Hebdo issue hits raw nerve in France

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As France prepares to remember January 2015 killings, some criticize satirical magazine’s broadside on all religions on its current cover.

France prepares tribute to Charlie Hebdo and Jewish shop victims

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Heavy security is planned for ceremonies honouring the 17 victims of the shootings that took place in Paris from January 7th to 9th, 2015.

Charlie Hebdo killings puts France among deadliest for press attacks

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Murder of 9 journalists in attack on magazine left France second only to Syria in annual list of world's deadliest countries for journalists.

France arrests three over Islamist attacks on Paris

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Two men and a woman were detained in connection with deadly terror attacks in the French capital last month and in January.

Nine months on, Charlie Hebdo fraught by infighting and resignations

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The January terrorist attacks in which 11 people died at the satirical weekly's offices has left uncertain future for divided and fatigued survivors.

Two survivors of Charlie Hebdo massacre to leave the newspaper

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Artistic director Luz and writer Patrick Pelloux both announce departures months after massacre at publication's offices.

Survivor of Charlie Hebdo killers sues French TV and radio stations

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TV and radio stations revealed the presence of Lilian Lepère hiding in a cupboard at a printing plant where the two gunman were under seige.