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The poison of sexual harassment in French cuisines

In the male-dominated world of French restaurant kitchens, women struggle to find a place amid widespread sexual harassment and assaults and a culture of bullying, according to gender equality campaigners.

A new wave of French chefs head for London

With restaurants continuing to close in France, will a small band of French wine bars and bistros opening in British capital be start of a new trend?

French chefs hit back as nation slips down global cuisine rankings

New list of top restaurants compiled by gastronomic magazine Le Chef claims six of the world’s top chefs are in fact French.

French celebrity chefs cook 'dustbin banquet'

Michelin-starred chefs make meal for 5,000 entirely from ingredients rescued from bin to encourage people to throw away less food.

French chefs give thumbs down to 'homemade food' label for restaurants

A new French law demands that restaurants indicate to clients whether their food is homemade or prepared industrially off-site.