French police officers guilty of chokehold ‘manslaughter’

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Three French police officers have been handed suspended jail sentences after being found guilty of manslaughter during the arrest in 2015 a Paris bar of 33-year-old Amadou Koumé, upon who they applied a chokehold which led to his death from what a medical expert called slow ‘mechanical asphyxia’

French police officers face probe over death of man put in chokehold

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Family of Cédric Chouviat, who died of asphyxiation, say the manslaughter investigation is too lenient.

'I'm suffocating': the final words of Cédric Chouviat, arrested by French police

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On January 3rd 2020 deliveryman Cédric Chouviat, aged 42, was stopped on his scooter as part of a routine roadside police check in Paris, arrested, put in a chokehold then held face down on the pavement. His own mobile phone reveals that seven times he repeated the words “I'm suffocating” before falling unconscious and later dying. The episode inevitably has echoes of the American George Floyd whose last words when being held down by a police officer in Minneapolis were “I can't breathe”.  These revelations about the final words of Cédric Chouviat, contained in a report seen by both Mediapart and Le Monde, will put even greater pressure on the authorities to shed light on the nature of the arrest and the controversial techniques used by the French police to restrain the father-of-five. Pascale Pascariello reports.