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'Gilets jaunes' are just a symptom of 'deep fractures' within France

Christophe Guilluy, author of a seminal account of French society, describes the widening cultural divisions within France.

Geographer stirs controversy with book about a new 'peripheral' France

A fast-selling book by Christophe Guilluy identifies France's new isolated underclass, majority white, living far from big cities.

How the French Far Right is capturing an abandoned social class

Givet (Ardennes), novembre 2008. Fermeture de la Sopal. © MM Givet (Ardennes), novembre 2008. Fermeture de la Sopal. © MM

France’s blue collar workers, junior white-collar staff, the unemployed and the retired make up a lower class that is also the majority among the country’s electorate. Hit hardest by the current economic crisis, and largely ignored by the traditional Left, there are consistent indicators that a significant proportion is being won over by the Far Right Front National party presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen. In this interview with Mediapart, social geographer Christophe Guilluy offers an insight into an economic and social groundshift in France that has produced an abandoned and despairing category of the population, what he calls “a new lower class which the Left does not really understand”.