Clément Méric

French far-right thugs jailed for killing teenage anti-fascist activist

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A Paris court handed two men jail sentences for their part in the killing of student Clément Méric, 18, during a brawl between far-right skinheads and anti-fascist militants in Paris in 2013, and which led to the banning of a number of far-right groups.

Leftist killed in skinhead brawl 'threw first punch'

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Evidence suggests anti-fascist group may have been aggressors in brawl with far-right skinheads that led to death of teenage activist Clément Méric.

Man faces preliminary manslaughter charge over death of anti-fascist activist in Paris brawl

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Three others are being investigated for group violence and a fourth for complicity in group violence over death of left-wing activist Clément Méric.

France to shut far-right group after student death

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The group to be shut down, the Revolutionary Nationalist Youths, is the militant wing of a broader far-right movement known as the "Third Way".

After student killing, France bans far-right rally

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Toulouse's socialist mayor expressed concern about planned torchlight march to commemorate victory of a Christian army in 721 over Muslims.

France to ban violent neo-Nazi groups as eight claim self-defence over 'anti-fascist' student death

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Clément Meric's death has renewed fears that the heated debate over gay marriage in France could unleash sustained far-right political violence.

Anger and loathing in France as 'neo-Nazi' skinheads beat left-wing activist to death


Politicians in France have reacted with horror and outrage after a 19-year-old student and anti-fascist activist was beaten up and fatally injured during a confrontation with skinheads wearing neo-Nazi slogans in the centre of Paris. Clément Méric, who was reportedly hit with a knuckle duster, was taken to hospital with terrible head injuries. His death was announced later. Seven people have since been arrested in connection with the deadly assault. Mediapart reports on an incident that has sent shock waves through the French political establishment.

Leftist activist brain dead after Paris skinhead attack

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The 18-year-old was attacked by a group of neo-Nazis in what police say was a "politically motivated incident" pitting far right against far left.