Rich elites use climate debate to 'protect their own class interests' says French academic

Climat — Interview

In a new book, French academic Édouard Morena traces the emergence of climate class consciousnesses among the world's economic elites. According to the senior lecturer, the ultra-rich have become key players in the debate on climate change so they can promote green capitalism and guarantee their own financial interests. He spoke to Mickaël Correia.

France’s plan to ban short-haul domestic flights wins EU approval

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The new plan will cancel domestic flights that can be replaced by a short train journey.

Climate change: hurtling towards the point of no return

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As the United Nations COP 27 climate conference continues through this week at the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, more than 30 media organisations from around the world, including Mediapart, are publishing a joint appeal, in an initiative led by British daily The Guardian, for agreement to be found on urgent action in face of climate change. “The UN process may not be perfect,” notes the appeal, “but it has provided nations with a target to save the planet, which must be pursued at COP27 to stave off an existential risk to humanity.”

French climate activists fill golf course holes with cement

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The group, part of the Extinction Rebellion organisation, targeted courses near the city of Toulouse, calling golf the “leisure of the most privileged”.

Court orders French state to 'fix' consequences of its climate failures

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Thursday’s ruling gives the French state until 31 December 2022 to find a way to compensate for the extra tonnes of greenhouse gases emitted.

French oil giant Total sued for ‘climate inaction’

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French oil group Total is responsible for 1% of the world’s CO2 emissions and failing to respect its so-called ‘corporate duty of vigilance’ say activists.

France hits record temperature of 45.9C

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New record was measured in southern town of Gallargues-le-Montueux - the previous record was 44.1C during deadly 2003 heatwave.

France demands UK climate pledge in return for Brexit trade deal

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President Macron and heads of other member states fear Britain could gain advantage over them by undercutting EU environment law.

Macron says Paris climate deal will not be renegotiated

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French president also said he 'profoundly respects' Trump's decision to withdraw US from agreement and said the 'door will always remain open'.

France's Macron tells Trump Paris accords 'not renegotiable'

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French president had a 'direct' talk on phone with President Trump after latter announced US will pull out of Paris climate agreement.

France becomes first major country to ratify COP 21 climate deal

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So far 17 states, mainly small island and low-lying coastal countries, have ratified the deal reached at the UN climate conference in Paris last December.

France's Hollande signs Paris climate agreement

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French president, the first to sign, said the 28-nation EU should now 'lead by example' and ratify the Paris deal before the end of the year.

Paris climate summit: the unanswered questions

France — Analysis

The United Nations international climate summit, COP21, opened at Le Bourget close to Paris on November 30th in unusual circumstances. The host country France is under a state of emergency as it welcomes leaders, negotiators and activists from around the world. As Mediapart's environment correspondent Jade Lindgaard reports, a deal at the summit appears to be within reach, but doubts and questions remain about the real direction of the negotiations.

More than 100 arrests as Paris scuffles precede climate summit

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Arrests followed a peaceful protest in which 10,000 people formed 3km human chain along the route of a cancelled march against climate change.

France bows to Obama and backs down on climate ‘treaty’

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Paris agrees new global climate accord will not be called a 'treaty' and might not contain legally-binding emissions reduction targets.