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Trump opens door on rethink over Paris climate deal withdrawal

US President Donald Trump, speaking at a joint press conference with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron during a two-day visit to Paris, told reporters that 'something could happen' with regard to his decision to withdraw US compliance with the 2015 UN COP 21 agreement in Paris to combat climate change.

France renews with border controls ahead of Paris climate conference

A total of 285 border crossing points will this month set-up checkpoints, officially to prevent arrivals of disruptive demonstrators at UN summit.

French president in Philippines to call for climate action

French president François Hollande has flown to the Philippines to boost support for a deal in December's key climate summit in Paris.

France blows hot and cold on renewable energy


As France prepares to host the UN Climate Change Conference a year from now, it is trying to put its own house in order and take a lead on cutting carbon dioxide emissions. President François Hollande has called for the country to champion the environmental cause, and a new law on switching to clean energy is being enacted. But when it comes to renewable energies France is lagging woefully behind other countries, apart from its big hydroelectric dams that were built decades ago. As Mediapart's environment correspondent Jade Lindgaard reports, this is largely because of the complex rules and perverse subsidies that throttle solar and wind power while benefiting fossil fuels.