France warns 'narco-tourists' after cocaine washes ashore

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After more than two tonnes of cocaine washed ashore, locals in villages along the Normandy coast have described an influx of unfamiliar people in luxury cars and 4x4s who have been scouring the sand.

Mystery of pure cocaine washing up on France's Atlantic coastline

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Large numbers of packages containing what the authorities describe as 'very pure cocaine' along with other drugs have been found on beaches along a lengthy strip of France's Atlantic coast over recent weeks, with those found so far estimated to have a potential street value of about 60 million euros.

Workers find 370kg of cocaine in French Coca-Cola factory

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The cocaine, found in delivery of fruit juice concentrate from Costa Rica at plant in southern France has market value of €50 million.

How cash from French carbon trading fraud funded Latin American drug cartels

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French criminal investigators have established a financial link between the recent carbon trading fraud – the biggest crime of its kind France has ever seen – and Latin American cocaine cartels. In particular the money trail points to a connection between the massive fraud and the infamous Sinaloa Cartel, whose boss is the drugs baron Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán. Fabrice Arfi reports.

Paris police HQ drugs theft case mystery deepens

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A week after a drugs squad officer was accused of stealing 52 kilos of cocaine, the facts are proving stranger than fiction.

Paris policeman jailed over cocaine theft

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The drugs squad officer has been formerly placed under investigation on suspicion of stealing more than 50 kgs of seized drug stash.

French policeman seized in massive cocaine hunt

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The unnamed officer, 34, was picked up while on holiday in the southern city of Perpignan by officers probing theft of €3m drugs haul.

€2.5 million in cocaine ‘disappears’ from Paris police HQ

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The 50 kg of cocaine, seized in police raids in northern Paris in early July, had been stored in a special room secured with an armoured door.

Huge cocaine haul seized on Air France plane in Paris

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Police seized the 1.3 tonnes of pure cocaine on board an Air France flight from Venezuela, with the drugs found packed inside 30 suitcases.

French tycoon's private jet in cocaine smuggling bust

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Alain Afflelou, who owns Europe's largest optician franchise chain, was said to be "stunned" that his jet was used to carry 700 kilos of cocaine.