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France's timid political response to damning report on child sex abuse in Catholic Church

Jean-Marc Sauvé, president of the independent CIASE commission into sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, presenting his report in Paris on October 5th 2021. © Photo Thomas Coex / AFP Jean-Marc Sauvé, president of the independent CIASE commission into sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, presenting his report in Paris on October 5th 2021. © Photo Thomas Coex / AFP

On Tuesday October 5th a report revealed the shocking scale of child sex abuse inside the French Catholic Church over many decades. The report's authors estimate that 330,000 minors have been the victims of sexual abuse within the church since 1950, a majority of them at the hands of ordained clergy. Since the report's publication the overall reaction from the political classes, both Left and Right, has seemed timid. Some politicians, however, are calling for the courts to intervene and for the church to undergo deep reform. Mathieu Dejean, Mathilde Goanec, Pauline Graulle and Ilyes Ramdani report.

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Why Macron's 'conspiracy theory' commission has already lost credibility

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 © Photomontage Mediapart avec AFP © Photomontage Mediapart avec AFP

On September 29th 2021 the Élysée officially unveiled a new commission to help fight against conspiracy theories and disinformation. Officially called the 'Enlightenment in the digital age' commission, President Emmanuel Macron wants it to champion science, reason and truth and come up with new policy options in an era where social media in particular is awash with a bewildering array of views and theories. Critics, however, accuse the head of state of wanting to impose his own narrative ahead of next April's presidential election. Already the membership of the commission has been bitterly criticised, in particular its chair, social scientist Gérald Bronner. And after also coming under fire another member, Professor Guy Vallancien, a high-profile urologist, has just resigned from the body. Joseph Confavreux and Ellen Salvi report.

Disgraced Macron aide quizzed by French Senate

Alexandre Benalla, the 27-year-old security aide for French President Emmanuel Macon whose ambiguous role inside the Élysée Palace came under scrutiny after video published on social media showed him beating participants in May Day demonstrations while illegally wearing police insignia, reluctantly submitted to questions by a Senate commission of inquiry in parallel to a judicial investigation into his actions.  

French parliamentary enquiry calls for CCTV in abattoirs

The four-month enquiry, launched after secretly-filmed video was released of cruel practices and unhygenic conditions in several French abattoirs, also recommended veterinary officers be present in large abattoirs to remove staff's impression of 'virtual impunity'.

Ex-EDF finance chief 'wanted three-year delay' on Hinkley Point decision

Thomas Piquemal, who resigned in March over plan to build nuclear plant in UK, told French parliament it carries a 'major construction risk'.

EU forecasts French economy to be weakest performer in euro zone

Commission predicts below average growth, falling investment, weakening public finances and competitiveness, and deficit rising to 4.7%.

France set to miss key deficit target says European Commission

But French finance minister Michel Sapin insisted in a statement that Paris would meet the 3 percent target in 2015.

EU adds voice to criticism of French reform pace

Commission gives guarded blessing to 2014 budget but says French plans are only 'partly adequate' for getting grip on public finances.

EU's Barroso in 'scapegoat' spat with France

Accused of fuelling far-right nationalism, Commission boss says French politicians should not use EU as a scapegoat for their own problems.

Francois Hollande tells European Commission it can't 'dictate' to France

French president warns Commission not to give orders after Brussels called for urgent eurozone reforms to avert a “social emergency”.

EU urges France to revamp pensions, rein in spending

In return for getting two more years to bring its budget deficit back in line France must start its reforms this year says European Commission.

More of French PM's interview with Mediapart: the TSCG, making EU more democratic, cabinet splits and Muslim anger

In this second and final part of his exclusive interview with Mediapart, French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault answers the suggestion that he is railroading the democratic process with the adoption of the European Treaty on Stability, Cooperation and Governance (TSCG), sets out his position on the widespread use of tax havens by big banks and corporations, and for greater representation of national parliaments in EU decision-making. He also answers questions on recent domestic issues, including his government's decision to ban demonstrations in protest at the publication by a French magazine of cartoon caricatures of Prophet Mohammed, and the calling to book of his interior minister over his out-of-step comments on racial profiling and the right to vote of of non-EU nationals.

Hollande orders commission into future of ArcelorMittal plant

An independent commission is to assess the future of ArcelorMittal's idled steel plant in Florange, eastern France, which unions fear is soon to close.

France risks missing 2013 deficit goal, EU Commission says

The European Commission has sent a message to new French President Francois Hollande that his growth agenda faces severe constraints.