Macron derides section of poor at launch of national debates

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French President Emmanuel Macron held a marathon seven-hour conference with local mayors in Normandy on Tuesday, the start of a national consultation on policy issues follwing the rolling 'yellow vest' protests, but caused controversy with disparaging comments about some in economic difficulty.

Paris climate summit host Macron warns 'world is losing battle'

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French President Emmanuel Macron, adopting a role to relaunch the December 2015 Paris climate accords damaged by the withdrawal of the US from the charter, hosted a 'One Planet' summit of world leaders in Paris on Monday when he warned that the international community was 'nowhere near' meeting the pledges made for measures to reduce mounting global temperatures.

French socialists call off conference amid fears of violent protests

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Party boss Jean-Christophe Cambadélis said militants were threatening to attack party members in Nantes where conference was due to be held.

France hosts meeting to drive Israel-Palestine talks

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US secretary of state John Kerry and UN chief Ban ki-Moon were among those who attended conference aiming for peace process talks by year's end.

France postpones Middle East conference

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President Hollande said meeting will now go ahead in summer because US Secretary of State Kerry could not make planned date of 30 May.

Planetary 'catastrophe' looms warns France ahead of Paris climate conference

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'Life on our planet is at stake' warned French foreign minister, pushing to limit global warming to 2°C over pre-Industrial Revolution levels.

How the Socialist Party is now France's 'Democratic Party'

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The ruling Socialist Party is continuing its inexorable drift towards the centre ground of French politics. As Stéphane Alliès reports, prime minister Manuel Valls's key-note speech on Sunday to end its summer conference underlined the extent to which the party has turned its back on other parties of the Left and has instead become a “rallying call for progressives”.

France wants 'short and concise' deal at UN climate conference in Paris

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The call came in a briefing for international ministers attending preparatory talks next week in Paris ahead of December's 190-nation summit.

Paris summit sees 30 countries rally behind fight against Islamic State

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The international gathering at the French foreign ministry promised to give Iraq 'appropriate military assistance' in fighting the jihadist group.

French socialists sound 'ideological' battle cry against extreme right


The fight against the far-right Front national was the central theme of the ruling Socialist Party's summer conference that took place at the weekend. Some on the Left fear that if they do not start campaigning now, Marine Le Pen's party could attract the largest share of the popular vote at next year’s European elections. However, as Lénaïg Bredoux reports, just what form the 'crusade' against extremism will take is still unclear.

French bosses demand energy policies place industrial performance above the environment


Amid a six-month programme of national consultations commissioned by the French government to help define the country’s future energy policies, a conference organised by two leading business organizations in central Paris on May 17th provided a platform for company bosses to argue that energy transition strategies should first and foremost be concerned not with the environment but with industrial competitiveness. Jade Lindgaard reports.

Mali crisis: France host talks on post-war development

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As France prepares to pull out its troops, Malian and French officials in Lyon are discussing how to stop militants launching fresh attacks on civilians.