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French court strikes down most of online hate speech law

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The Constitutional Council said the measure put the onus for analyzing content solely on tech platforms without the involvement of a judge, within a very short time frame, and with the threat of hefty penalties.

Doubts over legality of law to tackle France's serial lockdown breakers


To ensure that citizens complied with the Coronavirus lockdown introduced on March 17th 2020, the French government drew up legislation to make breaches of the rules a criminal offence. But lawyers and academics have raised concerns as to whether part of that legislation – which can lead to jail for anyone who breaches the rules more than three times in a month – is constitutional. France's top constitutional authority, the Conseil Constitutionnel or Constitutional Council, is due to rule on the issue in June. Meanwhile there have been more than 1,500 criminal cases involving repeat offenders and a number of people have already been jailed. Camille Polloni reports.

French authority rejects pre-emptive 'yellow vest' protest bans

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Constitutional Council struck down measure that would have let authorities ban certain individuals from protesting, a key element of new law.