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France's Lactalis faces lawsuits over contaminated milk powder

Hundreds of families say their children got salmonella poisoning after drinking powdered milk made by the French dairy giant.

Contaminated eggs found at five French food production plants

As investigations continue across Europe to identify which sites in which countries took delivery of part of a total of millions of eggs from the Netherlands and Belgium contaminated with the insecticide fipronil, the French agriculture ministry has confirmed that suspect batches were traced to at least five food processing plants in France.

Thousands more trees lining France's picturesque Canal du Midi in for chop

Aurthorities fear all 42,000 plane trees along the C17th canal linking the Atlantic and the Mediterranean may have to be felled because of fungus.

Why the French asbestos scandal may never reach trial


Earlier this month, a court in Turin pronounced landmark prison sentences against two key shareholders of a multinational building company, accused of causing the deaths by asbestos contamination of some 3,000 people. It came as a stark contrast to the stalled criminal investigations into asbestos contamination in France, where 3,000 people die every year from the effects which are expected to cause 100,000 deaths by 2025. The Italian public prosecutor who led the five-year investigation based in Turin was in Paris last weekend to address a public meeting about this vast and complex case. Among the audience was Jean-Paul Teissonnière, the principle lawyer representing the French victims of asbestos contamination and their families, who fears political ill-will may lead to no trial ever taking place of those responsible for one of the country’s worst sanitary disasters in recent history. Marie Gall reports.