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Airbus row: Polish official says 'we taught French to use the fork'

After furious reaction from France to a last-minute decision by Poland not to buy 50 Airbus-built helicopters, the Polish deputy defence minister slammed Paris for disinviting Poland from an arms fair and claimed his country taught the French how to use cutlery. 

Michel Platini loses appeal and job in Sepp Blatter cash payment case

Ex-France football team star and until now European football tsar lost his appeal and is banned from football activity over suspect payment from FIFA chief.

The French investor whose 'magic' contract could make him a billionaire

Terms of deal are so favourable that in 15 years Max-Hervé George could be worth more than Aviva France, the firm which has to honour it.

Despite pressure, France won't cancel warship deal with Russia

Though US wants France to delay or scrap €1.2 billion contract, French officials say ending contact would harm Paris more than Moscow.

France to probe Vinci corruption allegations over Russia contract

French company denies allegations that it bribed officials to win contract for 43km stretch of toll road linking Moscow to St Petersburg.

French unions, employers agree changes to labour laws

President Hollande leads chorus of approval over deal that will give more flexibility to employers but also offer more protection to employees.

Struggling French shipyard awarded 1bln-euro cruise liner contract

The last remaining major French civil shipyard has won a contract of more than a billion euros to build a liner for a Miami-based cruise company.