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Macron slammed over overtures to France's Catholic Church

In an unprecedented speech to Catholic bishops this week in Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron said 'We share in a confused way that relations between the Church and State have been damaged and it is up to you, as much as us, to repair them', prompting a political uproar and accusations that he undermined the secular pillar of France's constitution.

Macron and top French general at war over defence cuts

French President Emmanuel Macron and army chief-of-staff General Pierre de Villiers are embroiled in an escalating public row over the announcement of a reduction of 850 million euros from the 2017 defence budget, with Macron ordering the general to toe the line and politicians of the Right and Left siezing one of their first opportunities to attack the new president's early measures.

Centrist Macron slips in poll ratings after angering Right and Left

France's maverick centrist presidential election candidate Emmanuel Macron has begun slipping in opinion polls, which previously placed him as a frontrunner in the race, following comments slamming France's colonial past in Algeria, sparking uproar on the Right, and his remarks that the same-sex marriage law had 'humiliated' its Catholic and rightwing opponents, infuriating many on the Left.

Why colonialisation remains a political hot potato in France

Following the controversy stirred by French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron's comments last week that France's 1830-1962 period of colonial rule in Algeria was 'a crime against humanity', FRANCE 24 turned to historian Pascal Blanchard to explain the reasons for why the topic still arouses such heated tensions.  

French polemicist says those with Arab first names are 'less French'

Right-wing commentator Eric Zemmour said choice by ex-minister of North African origin to give her daughter an Arab name was 'outragious' and that those with names like Zinedine Zidane were 'less French' than himself.

French PM says opposition using Nice attack to 'destabilise' government

Manuel Valls accused conservative opposition of mounting campaign over police numbers on night of Bastille Day attack for 'purely political' reasons.

Nice Bastille Day attack policing controversy erupts

Nice municipal policewoman insists that national police attempted to doctor recdords over policing presence the night of Bastille Day massacre.

Euro 2016 kicks off amid race row for France team

Everyone loves a winner, but if France stumble at Euro 2016 race row tensions may spill over says founder of the US National Association of Black Journalists.

Saucy French TV drama given hot reception in Britain

Sex scenes in drama series Versailles whip up a storm among British conservatives and media, with one MP describing it as pornography. 

Hollande offer to deported Roma girl to return 'alone' causes uproar

The French president is slammed by Right and Left for offering a deported immigrant teenager a return to France but without her family.