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Orange group boss found guilty of misuse of public funds

Stéphane Richard, CEO of French telecoms giant Orange, has been handed a suspended jail sentence after he was found guilty by a Paris appeals court of aiding and abetting the misuse of public funds in a case centered on a 403-million-euro state payout awarded in 2008 to late French tycoon Bernard Tapie.

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French anti-Semitic provocateur Dieudonné convicted of condoning terrorism

A Paris court gave the stand-up comic a fine and a suspended jail term for posting on Facebook his support for terrorist Amedy Coulibaly.

Briton convicted of illegally working as French Alps ski instructor

Simon Butler, who has taught skiiing in France for 30 years, was given a choice of jail or a 30,000-euro fine for not having correct licence.

The 'taped confession' of Société Générale trader Jérôme Kerviel: mystery of the missing minutes

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In 2010 the former Société Générale employee  was convicted in relation to a series of trades that cost the bank up to 4.9 billion euros. Last year the ex-trader lost an appeal against his three-year jail sentence. However, the saga continues. On 4th July Kerviel, who has always insisted his bosses knew what he was doing, will take his former employer to an industrial tribunal seeking 4.9 billion euros in damages – equal to the sum he is said to have lost the bank. His lawyer has meanwhile made a formal complaint alleging forgery and use of false documents. In particular the trader’s legal team has highlighted some curious discrepancies in the recordings made when Kerviel was questioned by his bank superiors as his huge losses became clear; recordings that went on to form the basis of the evidence that convicted him. Martine Orange investigates.

French man convicted of veil assault

The man vainly tried to justify the attack as an attempt to uphold a controversial law banning women from wearing face-covering veils in public.

Former Paris mayor and wife found guilty of vote-rigging

Jean Tiberi, 78, who was mayor from 1995 to 2001, was given a fine and suspended jail term after being found guilty in a long-running case.

SocGen 'rogue' trader Kerviel appeals historic conviction

A Paris court hears appeal by former Société Générale bank 'rogue trader' Jerome Kerviel against his 2010 sentence for causing losses of 5bln euros.

Conviction from the past haunts 'honest' French PM Ayrault

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Jean-Marc Ayrault, mardi 15 mai, quelques heures avant sa nomination à Matignon © Reuters Jean-Marc Ayrault, mardi 15 mai, quelques heures avant sa nomination à Matignon © Reuters

French President François Hollande pledged during his election campaign to clean up French political governance, blighted by years of recurrent scandals and conflicts of interest. Among the promises he made was that anyone who had been convicted of crimes would be excluded from government. Yet Hollande’s first act after he was sworn in was to appoint Jean-Marc Ayrault as his prime minister who, when mayor of Nantes in 1997, received a suspended prison sentence for favouritism in the allocation of a city hall contract, described by a court of audit as “a serious infringement of the rules governing public contracts”. While Ayrault insists that “my personal integrity was never in question”, his lawyers argue that he has been legally rehabilitated and have threatened to sue those who engage in “character defamation” by publicly raising the affair. Mathilde Mathieu and Michel Deléan report.