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France to hand African countries 2bln euros to develop renewable energies

The plan was revealed at the Paris UN climate conference after creation of 121-country alliance led by France and India to up solar-sourced energy.

French climate march ban draws criticism

French foreign minister Laurent Fabius said government made the decision 'to avoid additional risks' after Paris terror attacks.

France renews with border controls ahead of Paris climate conference

A total of 285 border crossing points will this month set-up checkpoints, officially to prevent arrivals of disruptive demonstrators at UN summit.

France in global push for climate deal ahead of Paris summit

Government representatives to have final meeting in Bonn this week to amend text of potential agreement before Paris conference opens next month.

Paris has car-free Sunday in lead up to climate change conference

Private cars were not allowed to drive through centre of French capital between 11am and 6pm in bid to promote cleaner forms of transport.

Historic appeal against climate crime ahead of Paris conference


The climate conference scheduled for Paris in December is the latest in a long line of bureaucratic gatherings that have so far failed to deliver on promises of fighting climate change. Now 100 prominent world figures have signed a mould-breaking appeal which seeks to bypass the endless discussions and instead calls for a social “uprising” against climate crime just as past campaigners sought to end slavery and apartheid. Jade Lindgaard explains why Mediapart is associating itself with this dramatic appeal.