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Google fined €500m by France’s antitrust watchdog over copyright

Giant US tech company must come up with proposals for how it would compensate agencies for use of their news.

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French MP publishes Anne Frank's diary online despite rights dispute

Anne Frank Fund, which holds rights to publication, opposes claim that diary is out of copyright 70 years after Frank's death in camp.

The 'strangely secret' deal between Google and an ailing French press

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There was all the atmosphere of a joint press conference between heads of state when French President François Hollande and Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt this month announced an agreement had been reached between the US search engine giant and the French press over Google’s use of article contents. Google will make a one-off payment of 60 million euros to fund development of the publishers' presence on the internet, while it will also offer to increase their online revenues using Google’s advertising platforms. However, as Dan Israel and Jérôme Hourdeaux report, what was presented as a "historic" compromise is in reality a long-term victory for Google over an ailing, cash-strapped press, while the details of the deal are, curiously, to remain secret.