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PM warns toughest weeks lie ahead as French death toll reaches 2,314

Édouard Philippe said the first two weeks of April would be harder than the last two weeks as French officials reported 319 more deaths.

French girl, 16, is youngest to die from coronavirus in Europe

Tributes were today paid to the 16-year-old, identified as Julie A, who succumbed to respiratory problems in a Paris hospital on Wednesday after first developing a 'slight cough' a week ago.

Paris hospitals urged to treat Covid crisis as 'natural disaster'

The queue at the Hôtel-Dieu AP-HP hospital in Paris on March 23rd 2020. © Edouard Richard / Hans Lucas via AFP The queue at the Hôtel-Dieu AP-HP hospital in Paris on March 23rd 2020. © Edouard Richard / Hans Lucas via AFP

Hospital intensive care units in the Paris region are already swamped by the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak. Mediapart has seen emails in which the regional health authority has asked hospital chiefs to free up a thousand beds in 48 hours as a matter of urgency and to transform their hospitals into disaster zone facilities. There has even been talk of nurses having to be pressed into service. Meanwhile hospital staff, who are poorly protected and in some cases themselves suffering from the virus, say they will “settle their scores” with the health authorities later. Caroline Coq-Chodorge reports.

French police threaten to stop mask-less patrols after officer dies

All French police unions issue 'solemn threat' after government ordered them to hand over most protective masks to health worker.

France’s virus toll reaches 1,696 after 365 more deaths reported

There are now 29,155 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the nation, compared to 25,233 a day ago and 13,904 people hospitalised of whom 3,375 are in intensive care.

French military to join virus fight in France as death toll grows

President Emmanuel Macron said the military operation, named 'Resilience', will focus on "aiding and supporting the population, as well as helping public services face the epidemic in mainland France and overseas".

France reports 231 more virus deaths, taking total to 1,331

French officials said that the overall number of coronavirus cases had risen to 25,233, a rise of about 13% in 24 hours.

France sends 'medical fast train' to relocate the sick

The high-speed TGV, which left from Paris for Strasbourg and Mulhouse, transported four patients per coach with a medical team.

The French military's belated response in defending its soldiers from the virus


In all “several dozen” military personnel in France have contracted the Covid-19 coronavirus since the start of the outbreak. The Ministry of Defence in Paris insists that measures to stem the spread of the virus within the armed forces have been applied “very rigorously”. But the accounts of some soldiers and defence staff on the ground tell a different story and paint a picture of a command structure unsure how to react to the growing health threat to their own personnel. Justine Brabant reports.

French death toll 'much higher' than official data says hospital chief

Frédéric Valletoux, president of the French Hospitals Federation, said  official numbers do not take account of deaths in retirement homes as well as some people who die at home.

France's virus death toll rises by 240 to 1,100

A French public health official also said there are 2,516 people needing life support.

Covid-19: a diary of lockdown in a small French village

By Jean-Louis Le Touzet
A cat prowls freely amid the lockdown in Audresselles. © JLLT / MP A cat prowls freely amid the lockdown in Audresselles. © JLLT / MP

The introduction by the French government last week of a lockdown on people’s movements  amid the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic saw some city dwellers head for more pleasant surrounds in which to be confined. Sports journalist Jean-Louis Le Touzet was one of them, arriving just before the restrictions entered into force in a small village on the Channel coast, where he immediately began keeping this diary. In Audresselles, the health crisis is an economic catastrophe as businesses go to the wall in what Le Touzet’s British and Brexit-supporting neighbour, now confined in Europe, warns will be “worse than the crash in 2008”.

France’s virus death toll rises by 186 to 860, lockdown to last 'weeks'

As France entered the second week of a nationwide lockdown, the toal number of confirmed coronavirus cases also increased Monday to 19,856, or a rise of about 20 percent in 24 hours.

Clinical trials start in France for potential virus treatment

There will be 800 patients in France, where clinical trials were launched at the weekend.

Half of French football clubs 'face bankruptcy over virus'

Bernard Caiazzo, president of the group which represents clubs in the French top flight, also said that the season will not resume until 'at best on June 15'.