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Paris St-Germain awarded title as French football season ends early

PSG were 12 points clear at the top of the table, with a game in hand, when French football was suspended indefinitely on 13 March.

France's daily virus death toll rises slightly, hospital cases fall

Officials said the death toll on Wednesday increased 1.8% compared with Tuesday, a slightly higher rate of increase than over the previous 24 hours.

Civil rights groups raise concerns as French police drones roam free during lockdown

By Clément Le Foll and Clément Pouré
A police drone in the southern French city of Marseille, March 24th 2020. © GERARD JULIEN / AFP A police drone in the southern French city of Marseille, March 24th 2020. © GERARD JULIEN / AFP

Since the start of the coronavirus lockdown on March 17th in France drones have become an increasingly familiar sight above public areas in France. They have been used by the authorities to fly over towns and cites, coastal areas and parks. But no one is sure if these drones are filming people and, if so, whether the images are being stored or cross-checked with police files. As Clément Le Foll and Clément Pouré report, civil liberties groups are increasingly worried about the situation.

Tackling social tensions in Toulouse as virus lockdown takes its toll on deprived areas


In common with other parts of the country, the potentially volatile La Reynerie district of the south-west city of Toulouse has seen flare-ups of violence since the start of the coronavirus lockdown in France on March 17th. On the ground, a combination of collectives, residents and associations have been trying to foster a sense of solidarity and set up support networks without waiting for a response from the city authorities who are only belatedly now trying to introduce measures to reduce local tensions. Emmanuel Riondé reports from Toulouse.

Public support for strict lockdown drops below 50% in France

Poll shows fall in support for confinement as country prepares to slowly lift some measures, with government to unveil details on Tuesday.

Children in France's poorest families go hungry during virus lockdown

Volunteers hand out food at Bordeaux in south-west France on April 10th 2020. © Hans Lucas via AFP Volunteers hand out food at Bordeaux in south-west France on April 10th 2020. © Hans Lucas via AFP

Families who usually rely on casual work to make ends meet have been unable to earn money since the lockdown began in France on March 17th. As a result their children are starting to go hungry. On May 15th the French state will pay “emergency aid” of an extra 150 euros to families who already receive welfare benefits. But voluntary groups say this is not soon enough and that help is needed now. To fill the gap left by the state, local support groups have meanwhile been springing up across the country, in some cases led by teachers. Faïza Zerouala reports.

Amazon loses appeal against worker safety ruling in France

Court in Paris upheld a ruling that Amazon must stop selling nonessential goods in France as it carries out a risk assessment on how best to protect employees from coronavirus in its distribution centres.

France reports 516 more virus deaths, taking toll to over 21,800

France reported 516 new deaths from the novel coronavirus in the last 24 hours, bringing its overall toll to 21,856 fatalities on Thursday.

France rules out coronavirus aid for tax-haven businesses

Finance minister Bruno Le Maire also says companies cannot pay dividends while receiving government money.

Confidence in French government's handling of Covid-19 falls sharply

Some 48 percent of those polled say they have confidence in the government to take efficient measures to end the coronavirus epidemic, a drop of 10 points compared to last week.

Disruption on streets of France as lockdown tensions rise

Motorbike rider who clashed with police Saturday calls for calm as vandalism erupts in France's suburbs.

EU's free trade dogma remains immune to Covid-19 pandemic


Trade officials working for the European Commission may be having to work from home because of the coronavirus pandemic but they are still busy negotiating free trade deals with countries around the world on behalf of the European Union. As Mediapart's Brussels correspondent Ludovic Lamant reports, these officials are behaving as if the Covid-19 outbreak has not had a dramatic effect on everything – including the way people regard world trade and globalisation.

Covid-19 in France: hospital cases continue to fall

The daily tally – 387 deaths in hospital and 144 in nursing homes – brought France's total Covid-19 death toll to 20,796, top health official Jérôme Salomon told reporters.

France urges Apple and Google to ease privacy rules on contact tracing

French government becomes first to call for invasive measures in effort to combat coronavirus.

Coronavirus cuts off France's Mont Saint-Michel

With France under virtual lockdown the famous landmark off the north-west coast, which usually draws more than 2 million visitors a year, lies empty except for 30 local residents whose restaurants, souvenir shops and cafes depend on the influx of tourists.