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France sends warship to evacuate Covid-19 patients in Corsica

A helicopter carrier has been sent to the French Mediterranean island of Corsica to evacuate people seriously ill from with infection from the Covis-19 coronavirus, who will be taken to hospitals in the southern mainland cities of in Marseille and Toulon.

Corsica, southern mainland France battered by Storm Fabien

The Mediterranean island of Corsica and the south of mainland France have been swept by strong winds and rain causing severe flooding and power outages, closing down roads and an airport. 

Net closes around Corsican clans suspected of EU subsidies fraud

Cash cow: the Corsicana cattle breed native to Corsica. © Wikipédia Cash cow: the Corsicana cattle breed native to Corsica. © Wikipédia

The French Mediterranean island of Corsica is the focus of a series of investigations into the suspected mass fraud of European Union agricultural subsidies. One of the alleged methods of the fraud is the fictitious declaration of swathes of scrubland as pasture land for cattle farmers. The sums involved are vast, and those suspected of the scam include some closely related to the island’s notorious and feared underworld gangs. Hélène Constanty reports.

One dead, several injured in attack in Corsica shooting

Officials said lone gunman shot several passers-by in the Lupino neighbourhood of Bastia, on the north coast of Corsica.

Corsica canyon flash flood kills five

Seven tourists were canyoning when a wave about 3m high hit them - the guide was among those killed, while two in the group were rescued.

Macron vows to keep Corsica French

President's two-day visit is being closely watched on mainland, amid fears that giving island too much autonomy could fuel a breakaway bid.

Macron to visit Corsica amid calls for greater autonomy

Political strength of nationalists means question of island’s status may have to be finally addressed by Paris.

Corsican nationalists protest ahead of Macron's visit

Protest organisers said up to 25,000 people attended the demonstration in the island's capital Ajaccio ahead of Tuesday's presidential visit. 

Corsican nationalists gain control of new local assembly

Elections to decide the makeup of a new regional assembly on the French Mediterranean island of Corsica have resulted in a resounding win for an alliance of nationalists who want greater powers of autonomy and the introduction of preferential treatment for locals, such as in access to housing. 

Corsican nationalists surge in first round of French election

Group led by autonomist leader Gilles Simeoni won 45.36% of the votes for newly-created, more powerful local assembly on French island.

Corsica wildfires still active

Forest fires which have already destroyed 2,000 hectares on the French Mediterranean island since Friday were still burning on Sunday.

Thousands evacuated after wildfire on France's Mediterranean coast

Authorities in the Côte d’Azur region moved people out of tents, campsites and holiday homes around the hilltop town of Bormes-les-Mimosas.

France appeals to EU neighbours over Riviera and Corsica fires

It has requested two additional Canadair water bombers to add to the 19 aircraft currently battling the flames.

France tackles forest fires on Riviera and in Corsica

Hundreds of homes were evacuated as a precaution as the island of Corsica, the town of Carros near Nice and Saint-Tropez were badly hit.


Bastia fans attack Lyon players forcing abandon of Ligue 1 tie

Fans from Corsican side Bastia twice invaded the pitch during the League 1 match against Lyon, when a steward was suspected of joining a group who attacked the visiting players, forcing the match to be delayed and finally abandoned.