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Seven bodies found near France-Italy border after torrential rain

After 500mm of rain fell in 10 hours, the water swept away houses and roads, and 21 people are reported missing.

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Nine missing after heavy rainfall in south-east France

France has been battered by heavy rain since Storm Alex made landfall on Thursday afternoon.

French ambassador to Ivory Coast recalled over sexual harassment claims

Gilles Huberson is the target of an investigation by the foreign affairs ministry into allegations of sexual violence and sexual harassment spanning a number of countries, reports Mediapart.

Two missing as Côte d'Azur hit by flooding

The two départements  affected, Alpes-Maritimes and Var, were placed on 'red alert' weather warnings  and official warnings were also issued about high waves off the coast. 

French properties of Omar Bongo's family seized by court

A villa on the Côte d'Azur as well as a mansion in Paris were seized as part of a French judicial probe into finances of late president of Gabon.

Unmasking the Mafia of the French Riviera


A book published earlier this month by Mediapart contributor Hélène Constanty, entitled Razzia sur la Riviera, focuses upon the hidden side of the Côte d’Azur region of south-east France, detailing the corruption, criminality and excesses behind the exotic image of the sun-soaked Riviera. One chapter deals with a problem that many in France ignore, namely the deep-rooted presence in the region of the Italian Mafia. The phenomenon is increasingly worrying Italian anti-Mafia investigators, in particular because they consider that the extent of the problem is insufficiently recognised by the French judiciary and police. Mediapart publishes here translated extracts from Constanty’s book detailing examples of the presence of the Italian crime syndicates, and in which Italy’s most senior anti-Mafia prosecutor, Franco Roberti, warns: “France doesn’t measure the gravity of the problem.”