French website ordered to remove secret Sarkozy tapes

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Judges also sentenced former top aide Patrick Buisson to pay damages for making recordings, some of which involved Sarkozy's wife Carla Bruni.

France court rules against Sarkozy over diary seizures

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Judges say investigators can keep his diaries - initially confiscated during an inquiry into alleged election illegal funding - to help in other probes.

French court orders compensation for victims of faulty breast implants

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Judges rule that German company which certified the French-made implants must pay 3,000 euros in interim damages to each claimant.

France's top court reinstates ban on comic Dieudonne

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One-man show by comedian accused of anti-Semitism banned at last minute after interior minister wins appeal against earlier legal setback.

French court convicts Islamic veil-wearing woman

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Cassandra Belin fined for 'wearing clothing that hides the face' and given suspended jail term for threatening police in arrest that led to riots.

French court case to challenge full-face veil ban

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Lawyers for woman who was arrested in July for wearing the veil are arguing that the 2011 legal ban is discriminatory and unconstitutional.

French court rules e-cigs fall under tobacco monopoly

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In a ruling that could set a precedent, shop is told to stop selling e-cigarettes as it breaches French state rules over sale of tobacco.

Fast-track court judging immigration cases opens at Roissy airport

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The controversial new court set up at Charles de Gaulle airport began hearings this week, with the first defendant ordered to return to Senegal.

France convicts Roma families of forcing children to rob

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Police testified during the trial that the Croatian Roma gang traded in women and used children like conscripts in a criminal army.

Bettencourt affair: Sarkozy 'secret cash' case dropped

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Former president will not stand trial on allegations - which he denied - that he abused frailty of L'Oréal heiress to get election campaign funds.

French court to decide on US firm's challenge of fracking ban

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A ruling is expected next month over Dallas company's claim that ban on oil- and natural-gas-drilling technique of fracking violates the constitution.

French royal treasures returned to claimants

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Heirs of Henri d’Orleans to get items worth 'tens of millions of euros' but fail in bid to get control of estates including two châteaux.

French naked rambler cleared in naturist test case

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Naturist who liked to stroll naked in the woods of southwestern France has been acquitted by a court of sexual exhibitionism charges.

Prosecutors say Ryanair broke French labor law

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Airline accused of infringing law in contracts with 127 staff at Marseille airport as ruse to avoid paying its fair share of social security and tax.

French firing over veil was ‘religious discrimination’

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Country’s top court rules in favour of woman fired by a private nursery school five years ago for refusing to remove her Islamic veil at work.