French pharma giant Sanofi buys up US mRNA vaccine research firm

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French pharmaceutical group Sanofi has announced it is buying US firm Translate Bio, with which it has been working to develop an mRNA Covid jab, for 3.2 billion dollars, as it attempts to make up lost ground in the colossal market for Covid jabs.

Macron's T-shirt in TikTok address sparks conspiracy theories

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In a social media address to persuade the young to sign up for Covid-19 vaccinations, French President Emmanuel Macron sported a relaxed dress style, but the logo on his T-shirt has prompted speculation among some that it was a secret message.

Third weekend of protests in France against Covid health pass law

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More than 200,000 people, according to official figures, took part in marches around France this weekend protesting against recently introduced measures which require a person to carry a health pass showing they are free of coronavirus infection or vaccinated before entering a wide range of public venues.

London singles out France arrivals for Covid quarantine

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France has described a decision to impose quarantine isolation on all travellers arriving in England from France - and unlike from other EU countries -  as excessive, discriminatory and 'scientifically unfounded'. 

Macron sues over posters showing him dressed as Hitler

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French President Emmanuel Macron has launched a lawsuit over a billboard poster campaign in the town of Toulon, southern France, in which he appears as Adolf Hitler with an accompanying caption that reads 'Obey. Get vaccinated'.

France introduces mandatory health passes for restaurants and travel

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In new measures to to tackle the coronavirus epidemic, the French parliament has approved legislation  that will require people to present a health pass for access to restaurants, bars, trains and planes from the beginning of August, and which also requires frontline healthcare staff to be vaccinated by mid-September.

Protesters against Covid-19 restrictions clash with police in Paris

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An official with France's interior ministry said 161,000 people had demonstrated across the country on Saturday.

Tens of thousands protest in France against Covid health pass

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In Paris, one demonstrator's blouse read "No to compulsory vaccination, freedom violated!", while another's placard said: "Macron, no to the health dictatorship."

A 'failure in public health policy': fallout from French move to mandatory Covid vaccines


On Monday July 12th President Emmanuel Macron announced that all healthcare workers in France will have to be vaccinated against Covid-19 by September 15th. He also hinted that if the Delta variant of the disease takes hold and not enough of the public get a jab then this obligation could be extended to the whole population. The announcement has had a mixed reaction among some healthcare staff. The president's words have also sparked a wider debate about the ethics of mandatory vaccination and highlighted some glaring weaknesses in French public health policy since the start of the Covid epidemic. Rémi Yang, Mathilde Goanec, Jérôme Hourdeaux and Donatien Huet report.

Protests on Bastille Day amid anger at tighter Covid rules

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Demonstrations in Paris and other cities over plan for mandatory vaccinations for health workers and vaccine pass for public places.

Macron trumpets own record as he announces mandatory vaccines for health staff and Covid 'passports'

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The French president addressed the nation on the evening of Monday July 12th to announce that all health workers will have to get a Covid vaccination between now and September 15th. In addition, Emmanuel Macron said that citizens will soon require a Covid pass or 'passport' for many social activities; for cinemas from July 21st and for bars and restaurants from the start of August, as well as for train journeys and longer coach trips. At the same time the president took the opportunity to praise his own track record as head of state before and during the Covid crisis and to set out some potentially controversial reforms just months ahead of next April's presidential election. Ellen Salvi reports on the president's latest televised address.

France makes Covid vaccines mandatory among health personnel

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In a televised address to the nation on Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that all staff workers in medical facilities must be vaccinated by September or face losing pay, while 'health passes' proving double-jab vaccination will be needed from early August to enter shopping centres and other venues.

France advises against travel to Spain, Portugal over virus variant

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French junior minister for European affairs Clément Beaune on Thursday advised against travel this summer to Spain and Portugal because of a surge in the two countries of the notably contagious Delta variant of the coronavirus, adding it was 'better to remain in France or go to other countries'.  

France extends access to Covid jabs to holiday travellers

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Amid a surge of infections of the Delta variant of the coronavirus, France now allows people to receive a second dose of Covid vaccine anywhere in the country in an effort to encourage holidaymakers not to delay the final jab until after the summer vacations.

Post-lockdown, restaurant staff in France are saying ‘adieu’ to exploitation

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In a gradual lifting of the restrictions introduced to contain the Covid-19 epidemic in France, cafés and restaurants were allowed to re-open in June after a lengthy period of closure. But employers report increasing difficulties in finding staff, many of whom appear to have decided, after months laid off, to quit insecure and demanding jobs in which they complain of being exploited and undervalued. Cécile Hautefeuille reports from the Mediterranean resort of La Grande-Motte.