French Riviera capital Nice faces strict measures after Covid boom

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The fast-rising number of coronavirus infections recorded in the Riviera city, three times the average of that recorded across France, has prompted the authorities to plan for a localised weekend lockdown and stricter curfew measures.

Why potentially millions of doses of mRNA Covid vaccines are lost in the vials


The messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines against Covid-19 infection are apparently highly effective, but they are also in too short supply to meet current demand. In France, doctors have found that vials of the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna contain more than the indicated number of doses. By collecting the dregs of the bottles, there is the potential of producing millions more doses from existing supplies. But the French health authorities are refusing to authorise the practice. Joseph Confavreux and Caroline Coq-Chodorge report.

Slight drop in new coronavirus cases in France

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France's health authorities reported 21,063 new confirmed Covid-19 cases on Thursday, down from Wednesday's 25,387 figure and last Thursday's total of 23,448, while the number of recorded deaths from the disease rose to 80,803.

French nun aged 116 suffers no ill effects from coronavirus infection

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Sister Andrée, who turns 117 on Thursday and who is believed to be the oldest living person in Europe, was infected with the coronavirus in January but developed no illness and has told French media that she had not been scared by the experience.

Macron warned over delaying new lockdown

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A senior French epidemiologist and advisor to the French government on management of the Covid-19 pandemic has warned President Emmanuel Macron against further delaying a third public lockdown as the highly transmissible coronavirus variant first recorded in the UK threatens an 'exponential' rise in Covid-19 cases. 

French PM says no need for new national lockdown for now

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Jean Castex said that the rate of infection had not significantly strengthened over the past two weeks, even if the pressure on French hospitals remained strong.

Macron says anyone who wants vaccine will have it by end of summer

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French president said that in the coming weeks production of COVID-19 vaccines in France will start and there would eventually be four different production centres.

France's Covid-19 indicators at a two-months high but no lockdown

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The Covid death toll was up by 455,and seven-day moving average of daily new cases now stands at 20,515, a high since November 23rd.

French police block air passengers as new Covid rules kick in

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Only urgent reasons for travel are accepted and French border police require written proof before allowing passengers to board aircraft. 

New Covid-19 restrictions ‘only delaying inevitable’ say French experts

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One health expert said the new measures - imposed instead of another lockdown and which include closing shopping centres - are 'almost meaningless'.

Covid boosts demand for dubbed content in France

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French voiceover actors are hard at work providing dubbed shows for those stuck at home due to Covid lockdowns and curfews.

On board the vaccine bus in rural France

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If you cannot come to the vaccine, then the vaccine will come to you. That is the idea behind the 'Vacci'bus' which is visiting parts of rural France at the moment to vaccinate older people in isolated villages against Covid-19. Mediapart went on board a bus servicing the area around Reims where the idea first began, and met some of the residents of these remote communities north-east of Paris. The elderly inhabitants were delighted to be on the bus and receiving their vaccination. But they also revealed what they have been enduring in their village homes during the long months of the epidemic. “We're alone, afraid and we don't see anyone,” one woman said. Cécile Andrzejewski reports.

France to close its borders to arrivals from outside EU

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Prime minister Jean Castex also said France will close all large shopping centres, in bid to prevent need for a third lockdown.

Macron says AstraZeneca jab seems ‘almost ineffective’ on older people

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French president’s remarks came shortly before EU regulator approved jab for all adults; he also suggested that Britain's one-jab vaccination priority was 'not very serious'.

Macron mulls third lockdown despite concerns over public mood

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Move comes as French government concedes that a tougher nightly curfew has largely failed to control the spread of the virus.