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France launches criminal investigation into Germanwings crash

Probe seeks to determine if co-pilot's mental state could have been detected by airline or others before the March 24 crash which claimed 150 lives.

France's forgotten army of Muslim workers

Death of delivery man after 'drunk' police officers drove car into his van throws focus on workers who make everyday life possible in Paris.

France decides to keep its six A400M military transporters flying

Despite Britain and Germany grounding their A400M fleets after one crashed in Spain, defence ministry says no reason found yet to do the same.

Germanwings crash co-pilot 'set fast descent on earlier flight'

French crash report says Andreas Lubitz repeatedly set Spain-bound plane to drop to 100ft before slamming it into French Alps on return flight.

Cologne cathedral memorial service for Germanwings crash victims

More than 1,400 people, including Germany's chancellor and president, attended the service for the 150 people who died in the March 24th crash.

Second black box found from French Alps plane crash

This box records technical flight data that could provide vital insights into the final moments of Flight 4U9525 before it crashed last week.

'Germanwings passenger video' is authentic, says French magazine

Paris Match describes ‘blurred and chaotic’ scenes in video said to show plane’s final moments but French police say story is false.

Germanwings co-pilot had 'serious depressive episode'

German newspaper Bild says Andreas Lubitz spent a total of one and a half years in psychiatric treatment and had interrupted his flight training.

Germanwings co-pilot 'wanted to destroy plane' says French prosecutor

Prosecutor Brice Robin says Andreas Lubitz, 28, refused to allow captain back into cockpit and 'intentionally' set plane on its doomed descent.

Germanwings airliner crash in France: cause still a complete mystery

Investigators seek to understand why jet with 150 on board went into a long descent for eight minutes before crashing into side of a ravine.

French air crash death toll put at 150

What caused the German airliner to crash near Digne in southern France remains unknown but initial suggestions point to mechanical failure.

Bodies of French reality show crash victims to be released by Argentina

Eight French victims of a collision between two helicopters during filming of Dropped, including sports stars and TV crew, are to be flown home.

French sports stars die in helicopter collision in Argentina

Yachtswoman Florence Arthaud, swimmer Camille Muffat and boxer Alexis Vastine were among ten dead during filming of TV survival show.

Eight French among dead in fighter jet crash in Spain

The Greek F-16 crashed during take-off at a NATO training centre at Albacete, southeast of Madrid, killing ten and injuring up to 19.

Coach carrying 32 Britons crashes in south-east France

Passengers had left Alpine ski resort when coach skidded off motorway near Chambéry, leaving 13 people hurt.