Air France crash pilots not emergency-trained, says coroner

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British coroner was speaking at the inquest into the deaths of two British men in the Air France jet disaster, which killed 228 people in 2009.

German bus crash on French motorway leaves two dead, four seriously injured

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The bus was carrying some 50 German teenagers to Spain when it ploughed into the back of a lorry on a motorway in south-central France.

French among dead in Egypt hot-air balloon crash

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A hot-air balloon exploded and plunged to earth during a sunrise flight at the ancient temple city of Luxor, killing 19 tourists onboard.

Five die in plane crash near Grenoble

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Five people died after a light aircraft in which they were travelling crashed into woodland near the city of Grenoble in south-eastern France.

2009 Air France Rio-Paris crash report released in English

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The English translation of the latest report about the crash of Air France Flight 447 was released on Thursday, paints picture of a confused cockpit.

Air France Rio-Paris crash report for Friday

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French air accident investigation agency BEA will on Friday release "exact circumstances" of the 2009 crash of Air France flight in 2009.