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French MPs clash over Manuel Valls terrorism claim

Socialist interior minister sparks row after accusing his conservative predecessors of bringing back terrorism after a reported surge in crime.

France investigates Marseille anti-crime squad police

At least 12 members of 'anti-crime' sqaud arrested after claims that they stole drugs and cash from drug dealers and cigarettes from illicit sellers.

French police arrest Grenoble lynch mob suspects

Brutal killing of two students sparked outrage in France and prompted President Francois Hollande to visit the families of the dead young men.

France vows response as Marseille hit by wave of shootings

Government rejects calls for the army to be sent in to crack down on drug dealers in Mediterranean port city, but promises a tough response.

Investigating sex assault crimes in France


The case against former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, charged in May with the assault and attempted rape of a New York hotel chambermaid, appears close to collapse after the alleged victim's credibility was all but destroyed by a prosecutors' investigation. The handling of the case, by the New York Special Victims Unit and District Attorney's office, has come in for sharp criticism from some in France, where Strauss-Kahn's perp walk, initial imprisonment and subsequent house arrest were seen to be humiliating, harsh and ultimately unjust. So just how do the French handle such cases? Carine Fouteau reports.