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French ambassador 'shocked' at Polish FM's 'sick man' comment

The French ambassador to Poland, Pierre Levy, has said he was 'shocked' at comments made by Polish foreign minister Jacek Czaputowicz in which he said recent social unrest in France and the slowdown of President Emmanuel Macron's timetable of reforms had made the country 'the sick man of Europe, dragging Europe down'.

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Former French president Hollande in bitter attack on Macron

In a series of interviews to promote his first book after leaving power last year when he was succeeded by Emmanuel Macron, his economy minister who some had maintained was his dauphin, former French president François Hollande accused the new head of state of deepening social inequalities through tax cuts that help the wealthy and business corporations.

French data protection watchdog slams Windows 10

The CNIL said Microsoft was collecting 'excessive' amounts of data not needed for the software to operate, and browser spying 'without consent'.

Veteran socialist bigwig Martine Aubry tells Hollande to turn Left

Lille mayor and former party boss lashes out at socialist government's policies, demanding it reorients economic policy favouring business.

Embassy hits back at British press 'French bashing'

The French embassy in London slams a British newspaper’s claim that 'France’s failed socialist experiment is turning into a tragedy'.

Hollande fires environment minister after criticism of 2014 budget plans

Delphine Batho had said on TV that it was a 'bad budget' and that French people are 'disappointed' with the year-old government.

Hollande readies to bite back in TV interview

President François Hollande will appear on television Sunday to present his policy agenda, eager to stem slumping ratings and image of inertia.

GB Olympic team success 'driving the French mad', says Cameron

UK PM reacts to accusations that GB Olympic team are cheats, adding that French found British cyclists' Tour de France victory "a bit hard to take”.