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French chefs hit back as nation slips down global cuisine rankings

New list of top restaurants compiled by gastronomic magazine Le Chef claims six of the world’s top chefs are in fact French.

French chefs up in arms over ‘food porn’

Leading French chefs have expressed outrage over a trend of posting photos of their 'intellectual property' on social media.

Les rosbifs begin tickling French foodies' taste buds

Former President Jacques Chirac once dismissed a country that eats so badly, but now the French are developing a taste for (some) British food.

Croissants 'dying out' in France

Claim that half of the buttery, crescent-shaped pastries found in so-called “home-made” bakeries are industrially made and heated up on site.

France forces chefs to confess boil-in-the-bag fare

One of France's darker culinary secrets is that anyone, until now, could open a 'traditional' restaurant with little more than a microwave and a grill.