Paris pays a timely homage to the art and 'the word' of the Kanaks


Just as New Caledonia, the furthest-flung French territory, is about to embark on the final steps for self-determination, the Quai Branly museum in Paris has timely put together a rich and wide-ranging exhibition of the art and culture of the archipelago’s indigenous Kanak population that reveals a people debunking 160 years of colonialism and redefining themselves. Joseph Confavreux outlines the political context of the show, and calls on anthropologist Alban Bensa, an authority on Kanak culture, to decode the exhibition’s vast array of exhibits.

No football culture in France, claims Cantona

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The former France and Manchester United star says France is the only major football country where there are no cities with two frontline clubs.

Compromise on French 'cultural exception' opens way for EU-US free trade talks

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EU trade ministers' deal means the audiovisual sector will be excluded from any free trade agreement with the United States.

Why France is gearing up for a culture war with the United States

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France says that it will not start negotiations on transatlantic trade talks if cultural industries are not excluded from the start.

French oppose digital revolution to protect culture and language

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In latest attack culture minister accuses Amazon of destroying bookshops as France wages war against the cultural impact of the internet.

France mulls slapping 'culture tax' on smartphones

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The French government is considering introducing a 1% tax on the sale of smartphones and tablets to help fund French film, music and images.

French are 'taught to be gloomy by their culture'

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France is suffering from existential gloom and the French have only themselves to blame for their malaise, according to new research.

Marseille hopes for image makeover with culture year

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Plagued by a reputation for gang crime and lawlessness, France's port city wants its year as European Capital of Culture to change perceptions.

Croissants 'dying out' in France

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Claim that half of the buttery, crescent-shaped pastries found in so-called “home-made” bakeries are industrially made and heated up on site.