D-Day warmth belies tensions in US-France ties

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Row over sale of warships to Russia and US fine for French bank have cooled relations ahead of presidential meeting on Normandy beach.

The man who prepared France for D-Day

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Soldier Jean-Louis Cremieux-Brilhac wrote up the invasion instructions for the French people that were broadcast via the BBC.

Uproar in French D-Day village snubbed by Prince of Wales

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The inhabitants of Merville, where British paras fell storming a key German gun battery, had long prepared for Prince's 70th anniversary visit.

Queen Elizabeth II to make state visit to France

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The British monarch will attend commemorations marking the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy in north-west France.

Hollande is first French president to honour British D-Day dead

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François Hollande travelled to the British military cemetery at Ranville to honour soldiers who died during the June 6th 1944 D-Day Normandy landings.

Q&A: D-Day

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As commemorations are held in Normandy for the 67th anniversary of D-Day, this article from the BBC explains the events and what the campaign was all about.